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[HOT] Why take off your pants?, 나 혼자 산다 20191115

Why take off your pants?
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13 Beaches

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

13 Beaches · Lana Del Rey

Lust For Life

℗ 2017 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Polydor Ltd. (UK). Under exclusive licence to Interscope Records in the USA

Released on: 2017-07-21

Associated Performer, Vocals, Producer: Lana Del Rey
Producer, Associated Performer, Piano, Strings, Synthesizer: Rick Nowels
Producer, Studio Personnel, Engineer, Mixer, Associated Performer, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer, Keyboards: Kieron Menzies
Producer, Studio Personnel, Engineer, Mixer, Associated Performer, Bass Programming: Dean Reid
Producer, Additional Producer, Associated Performer, Percussion, Keyboards: Mighty Mike
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Trevor Yasuda
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Jordan Stilwell
Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Kieron Menzies
Associated Performer, Sequencer: Keiron Menzies
Associated Performer, Drums: Mighty Mike
Associated Performer, Synthesizer: Zac Rae
Associated Performer, Harmonium, Synthesizer, Percussion: Patrick Warren
Associated Performer, Strings: Dan Heath
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Adam Ayan
Composer Lyricist: Lana Del Rey
Composer Lyricist: Rick Nowels

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Rangers In Utah Risk Life And Limb To Release An Angry Cougar Stuck In A Trap

Armed with nothing but catch poles and a blanket, a couple of conservation officers in Utah caught on video the dramatic moment they managed to release a very angry cougar from a bobcat trap.

The footage is stressful enough to watch in the safety of my own chair behind the computer screen, so I can’t even begin to imagine what these two men must have been going through for the six minutes they faced that angry cougar.

That was so tense and oddly satisfying to watch. Not to mention how that golden hour light shot the production value right through the roof!

Next time, guys, might I suggest you bring some catnip?

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Bus Driver Comes To The Aid Of Traumatized Girl Whose Parents Couldn’t Be Woken

School bus drivers often have great relationships with their young passengers.

After all, bus drivers are the first school officials kids in the morning and the last ones to see children in the afternoon. But recently in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, one school bus driver was confronted with the sad story of a seven-year-old girl who said she couldn’t wake her parents.

The student somehow managed to dress herself and get to school on time, but after trying to rouse them for an entire day, she finally decided to tell someone.

The bus driver reported the incident and police later found two bodies inside the young girl’s house, both dead of suspected drug overdoses.


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Also inside the home were three other children: a five-year-old, a three-year-old, and a nine-month-old baby. They were okay but taken for observation at a hospital before being placed with family services.


The little one was clearly having trouble understanding the situation. One interaction that she had with an officer on the scene paints a heartbreaking picture.

The child came up to Officer Michelle Burton with her homework with a simple request to sign off on it. In Burton’s words, “She said, ‘I did my work.’ She pulled it out and showed it to us. It was math homework. ‘Which number is greater? Which number is odd or even?’ I told her, ‘Sweetie, you probably won’t have to go to school tomorrow. But where you’re going is going to have everything you need.’”

Drug overdoses have an enormous effect on families, and in McKeesport, they are all too common. In a recent report, officials stated that there is “an opioid overdose epidemic in the U.S., and Allegheny County is not immune.” There were 422 opioid-related deaths in the area last year.


Governor Tom Wolf added that “addiction too often is an invisible problem. But in Pennsylvania, the problem is visible — in the lives lost, the families broken, the communities shaken.”


But this isn’t just a Pennsylvania problem. Nationwide, opioids such as heroin and prescription pain relievers kill more and more people each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What can we do to ensure no more young children have to live through these horrors? The answer to that question can’t come soon enough.

(via The Washington Post)

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Cannibalism Is Alive And Well In These 9 Places Across The Globe

They say you are what you eat, and in some cases, that is true in the most gruesomely literal way.

Cannibalism is still very much alive and well in today’s society in certain places around the world. Although considered disgusting in most locations, some uphold the practice as being deeply rooted in cultural tradition. The reasoning behind a person’s sudden desire to indulge in human flesh can range anywhere from serving as part of a religious ceremony or, sadly, extreme necessity.

Cannibals, eat your hearts out (or ours), because we have a list of nine places where cannibalism is still a thing, legally or otherwise.

1. The Naihehe Caves – Sigatoka, Fiji

Fiji was once referred to as “Cannibal Island,” however, much of the active practice of cannibalism was ended during the 19th century. The Naihehe Caves are home to the last known cannibalistic group left on the island.

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2. Papua New Guinea

The Korowai, a tribe that lives along the Ndeiram Kabur River in Western New Guinea, uses cannibalism as a way to seek revenge. The nearly 4,000 tribesmen believe that a khakhua, or witch man, mysteriously kills off members of their tribe and it is their responsibility to consume the deceased’s body to exact revenge.

3. The Ganges River, India

Along a portion of the Ganges River in India, the Aghori, a sect of monks, perform acts of cannibalism to experience spiritual enlightenment. Once in the hundreds, the tribe is believed to consist of just 20 members today.

As part of their spiritual practices, the monks drink from bowls created from human skulls and cover their bodies in the charred remains of humans. The Aghori do not kill humans for their consumption, however. The bodies they consume are already dead.

4. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

In a 2003 meeting with members of the United Nations after the Second Congo War, Sinafasi Makelo, a representative of the Mbuti Pygmies, claimed that his people were being eaten alive by Congolese rebels from the Ituri province.

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5. Liberia

Members of Doctors Without Borders discovered evidence of cannibalistic practices not long after the First Liberian Civil War. They took it upon themselves to send the evidence to Amnesty International in hopes of an investigation.

Instead, the evidence was covered up and the current Secretary General, Pierre Sane, went on to say that “what they do with the bodies after human rights violations are committed is not part of our mandate or concern.”

6. Cambodia

Cambodian troops, like the ones pictured above, were accused of cutting out the livers and hearts of Khmer Rouge soldiers who were killed in battle during the Khmer Rouge Rebellion of the 1970s. They then ate those parts either on the field or back at home for dinner.

7. Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia


When Stefan Ramin visited the beautiful island of Nuku Hiva with his girlfriend, he got more than he bargained for. While on a goat hunt, a cultural tradition in the area, the tourist went missing. His remains were later found near a campfire believed to belong to a tribe suspected of being cannibals.

Accompanying Ramin on the hunt was a tour guide, who later returned to Ramin’s girlfriend, informing her that there had been an accident. The tour guide then tried to tie the woman to a tree. Luckily, she was able to escape, but little is known as to whether the tour guide was a member of the cannibalistic tribe.

8. Rotenburg, Germany

Armin Meiwes had dreamed of killing and eating someone since he was a little boy. He finally became successful after joining several chatrooms and posting a wanted ad of sorts looking for a willing volunteer. The lucky volunteer was 43-year-old Bernd Brandes.

The pair shared a grotesque dinner of Brandes’ genitals before Meiwes stabbed Brandes with a 12-inch knife. Meiwes made sure to record the entire affair on video.

He was finally caught after a former contact tipped off the police. Meiwes would not be charged with cannibalism, as it it not a crime in Germany. He was charged with murder.

9. Miami, Florida

Ronald Poppo suffered devastating injuries after an attempt to have his face eaten off by a naked man on a popular Florida freeway. The cannibal was identified as Rudy Eugene. Eugene was later shot and killed by a police officer after refusing to refrain from eating Poppo’s flesh. Lovely.

Well, I can check off these places from my list of places I want to travel to before I die…or get eaten alive.

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They Brought Their New Babies To Meet Their Grandma…Her Reaction? Priceless!

I’m the youngest of three and after my mom’s second boy, she was so determined to have a girl that my parents kept on trying.

Back in 2013, this couple had twin baby girls. While very exciting for them, it was an especially important announcement to the rest of their family. You see, all of the relatives of the family had been having boy babies…FOR 54 YEARS.

So when Mom and Dad flew for 17 hours to surprise the girls’ grandmother with the two little tykes, you can understand why this is her reaction!

For a while, I thought she wasn’t going to let go of those little ones. She just wants to hold and hug them forever. Eventually, grandpa gets a chance though!

Congrats to the happy family.

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Something So Cool Happened When A Car Went Speeding Past These Dogs

We could go on for days about all of the characteristics that make dogs so incredible, since they’re loyal, they’re loving, and they’re hilarious. There’s a reason why they’re known as man’s best friend, and if you have a dog in your family, you know that there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to make their humans happy.

But did you know that they’re just as dedicated to their fellow canines as they are to us? Just ask this dog. While these two pups were out walking one day, the bigger one saved its smaller pal from meeting a heartbreaking fate.

It’s not like we needed further proof that dogs are the best, but footage like this certainly doesn’t hurt! It seems like there’s nothing they can’t do when their instincts kick in.

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Mail Carrier Is Greeted By A Furry Friend Every Time He Stops At This House

Typically, you hear of the ongoing battle between dogs and mail carriers…

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But, it’s not just dogs who dislike the men and women who deliver our packages…

Cats tend to get a bad rap for not being particularly affectionate. But mail carrier Levi Davis knows that’s not entirely true.

You see, every day when he delivers to one house in particular, he gets to visit with his biggest fan.

Rain or shine, the cutie always comes to say hey.

What a sweet treat — I bet his little friend is often the highlight of his route.

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They Let Their Dog Out To Do Its Business, But What It Did Instead Is Hilarious

When you put your dog out for a pee break, you expect them to stop and sniff around for a couple minutes, right? But when April Hamlin of Elkmont, Alabama, let her hound Ludivine out, the pup ended up finishing seventh in a trackless half marathon.

The dog is known for exploring, but he decided to stay on course this time, trailing the leaders of the Elkmont Half Marathon in the process. He even won a medal!

Hamlin let Ludivine out to pee one morning, but hearing cheers from the starting line, the pooch decided to see what the silly humans were up to. He chased the frontrunners right out of the gate.

Despite trailing off to meet another dog who was watching the race (and bothering some mules and cows at a nearby farm), Ludivine pulled out an impressive seventh-place finish. He completed the course in 1 hour, 32 minutes, and 56 seconds!

(via The Huffington Post)

Although Ludivine might have skipped out on the entry fee, her unregistered run did bring a lot of attention to the Elkmont Half Marathon, which was held to raise money for a local track team. Ludivine has garnered so many fans that the run is going to be renamed the “Hound Dog Half” in her honor next year.

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These Dogs Were Being Sold As Meat, But Now They’re Experiencing Freedom

Dogs living in South Korea have every reason to live in fear. Not only is the dog meat trade legal, but it’s quite common. It’s something that many people in the country fight to criminalize and prevent each day. The organizations PAWsitive Channel, Aniband, and Doggie Protective Services work tirelessly to help these animals in need.

These seven dogs know what it’s like to be tossed around like they’re worthless. Thanks to kind rescuers, however, they’ve been given the chance to lead safe, happy lives.

There’s no doubt that this woman, and other rescuers around the world, live for their courageous work. We can only hope that success stories like this eventually become the norm for the dogs that call South Korea home.

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