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4 INSANE WATCHES That Will Put You To The Test! | JENNI ELLE

In this video I am going to show you 4 watches that are going to test you and your love for watches!

1) H. Moser & Cie. – Endevaour Flying Hours
When seeing the Endevour Flying Hours “ What the hell is going on here?” is probably the first but definitely not the last question one has when looking at this dial.
The dial in the so called color “funky blue” sits within a polished 42mm whitegold case.
Inspired by the planetary layout and together with its affiliated brand ‘Hautlence’ Moser developed a very cool form of the so called ‘wandering hours’ complication. In a triangular layout 3 hour discs sit on the dial whilst rotating on their own axes thanks to their planetary gears which are mounted on star wheels. Right above all three hour-discs sits an additional sapphire disc with an underlying black disc which displays the minute marks from 0 to 60 in a 240 degree radius.
The white underlayed digit indicates the hour. And the little tip of the triangle points at the current minute. So when the hour is over, the 0 position on the minute discs flies over to the subsequent hour. The flying hours is powered by a modified caliber806 with an automatic bidirectional winding mechanism with a power reserve of 72h.

2) Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear ReSec ElectricBlue
The Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Ger ReSec Electric Blue is not only a mouth full but also a bit overwhelming when looking at it. Usually, the regulator – which is separating the minute from the hour display – would be hiding behind the dial disc. But on this watch the movement has been built in a way and the dial partially skeletonized, that the regulator is not only showing but also operating as the hour display. Stretching from 4 to 8 o clock we can see a small seconds display that is not like the others. Instead of going around in a boring old circle, this second sits on a to 120 degree curved display, going from zero to thirty and then immediately jumping back to zero again – completely unnecessary but definitely fun to look at!
The wavey dial pattern called ‘Guilloche` was refined by hand and also serves as a module plate for the train bridge with its skeletonized gear wheels.
Inside of this sits the caliber C.301 which is actually a modified ETA2895. This blue monster has also a power reserve of 42h and measures 44m in diameter.

3) Omega PloProf 1200
The current PloProf model boasts a 1200 ́m water resistence and that is not even the craziest part of the watch: The ploprof measures 55mm in diaemeter, has a height of 17,5mm and tops its all of with a lug width of 24mm. But this 9.400 USD watch is not just crazy because it is so big – there are two technical details that are as crazy as they are genius:
What looks like a crown with a chastity belt on the side of the PloProf is not actually the crown but a nut-bolt that is securely screwing down the actual crown. So to unlock the crown you first have to unscrew the nut bolt.
Secondly, there is this rather weird looking orange peg that is actually a pusher to unlock the bezel.
Thanks to this bezel lock system the bezel stays safely in place which makes the most important feature on a professional diver absolute foolproof on this Omega!
Omega also delivered a very well made dial that is easy to read with a little bit of 70s vibe sprinkled on top given the unsually orange details on the dial.
Within the ploprof ticks the co-axial caliber 8912 with a 42h power reserve. Both barrels insided are extremely durable due to their DLC coating matching the rough outside to an equally tough inside.

4) Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S
The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S doesn not only sound like Lamborghini – it is Lamborghini.
Together with Lamoborghini, RD created a 45mm watch equivalent that is equally as amazing and obnoxious as an actual Lamborghini aventador is.
Through a sapphire crystal we get to see a completely skeletonized dial that shows the almost blasphemously designed hand wound calibre RD103SQ.
Hiding behind a plate that is inspired by the look of the insides of the supercar sits the barrell. Adittionaly at 5 and 10 o clock you can see two balance wheels which seem to float inside the calibre in 45 degree angle, mimicking the wheels on a car .Both beat with a frequency of 4 heartz making this calibre extremely precise and robust.
The indexes are rhodium plated filled with bright wight superluminova. The hands are made from 18k with yellow transfer.
We also get to the amazing backside of the movement, including the ‘Poincon de Geneve’ which acknowledges the high end quality inside and outside of the watch and the all the rest of the amazing innerlife of the Excalibur aventador S. In this calibre, RD has included a jumping second to emphasize on the ultimate precision of this calibre so it would match the car, with a 40 hours power reserve and a water resistence of 50m.

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My R8 Windshield Was SMASHED! (Spray Paint Joke Gone Wrong)

Oh my god what up everybody we are currently over at my boy Omi’s place and as you guys know he has a ton of super cars today we’re going to be spray-painting his super cars I just talked to him on the phone he should be here pretty soon he’s just at the bank right now so this gives us just enough time to get this done we’re gonna be spray-painting two cars today we have the Lamborghini Urus and the Lamborghini Aventador I’m actually kind of scared to see what his reaction is as you guys know he goes by oh me and a Hellcat so watch it on my right Oh me in a Prius Oh me always says this for some reason he always says baby didn’t so I wrote it on his car you think your dad’s gonna be mad yeah there’s all times helping me a good job Oh Frankie’s here Oh I think I think he looks best already without Oh me i spray-painted your lips huh your son helped me out too where are you going where’s he going oh where are you going Oh me put the back down put the bat down stop oh me oh my god stop or me stop put the bat down it’s a joke bro it’s Prince Bradshaw it’s great talk it’s not real political it rubs off I’ll pay look at your cards come here stop seriously come on men stop following me holy shit what the frak what how am I gonna get this home I gotta get this told I guess I deserve that Oh me is he out here yeah bro look it’s it friend rubs off it’s spray chalk dude it’s not real you see that it comes off like nothing just listen up people no you don’t gonna pay for it no no no stop I’ll pay for it’s fine I deserve it I deserve it no bro you don’t understand you put it last so I’m thinking you really I’m sorry bro I’m sorry bro I’ll buy you the window now don’t worry about it oh I’m really feels like I do some million dollars twenty million dollars in cars that I’m sorry my man I deserve that to be real I deserve it I’m gonna get it fixed don’t worry about it I feel like a douche no no no you didn’t know see it comes right off yeah no don’t worry about trust me you’re good I’m gonna get him clean yeah that’s pretty strong not gonna lie you hit that thing like eight times all there’s glass everywhere oh my god dude how much good as new I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to smash that thumbs up button please this was a very expensive video to make as you can tell my windshield is not broken it’s currently in the process of getting fixed but I did want to mention that we have some brand new merchandise that is being released this Thursday at p.m.

Eastern Time on Lancer works like a bio as always we got the attract outfit as you guys can see I’m super excited for the drop I hope you guys are as well make sure to get it and other than that see you guys next time who’s .

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