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State Of The Collection : 2020 Too Many Watches Not Enough Space

Today is the long-overdue State of the Collection for Relative Time. Which is currently made up of 38 watches from 25 brands, 12 of which are microbrands. Since there is a lot I’m going to try and list them all out below with links to the reviews.

2020 SOTC Table O Contents

—–I. Field & Aviation Watches

1:33 Hamilton Khaki King –
1:56 Vaer Heritage Dark –
2:16 Seiko Ghost Alpinist –
2:36 Orient Star Outdoor –
3:05 Undone Type XX –
3:27 Filson Mackinaw –
4:00 Glycine Airman Base 22 –
4:29 Akura Wayfarer –

—–II. Casual & Dress Watches

5:00 Timex Waterbury –
5:17 Pulsar Solar –
5:30 Seiko Titanium Kinetic
5:44 Movado 84-440-880A
6:03 Orient Bambino V2 Gen2 –
6:25 Vario Empire –
6:44 Vario Eclipse
7:25 Bulova Curv
8:06 Cadisen Conquest –
8:31 Cadisen Imperial –
8:54 Comet Chronograph –
9:20 Shinola X Disney Mickey

—–III. Divers

10:10 Citizen NY0040-17L
10:35 Vostok Amphibia –
11:04 Vostok Ghost Amphibia –
11:22 Spinnaker Bradner –
11:48 Nodus Duality
12:37 NTH Tikuna –
13:09 SWC Diver –
13:39 Zelos Bronze Swordfish –
13:58 Zelos Mako V3 –
14:25 Orient Kamasu –
15:12 Ginault Ocean Rover –
15:48 Seko 5KX SRPD53K1 –
16:38 Seiko Dark Knight Turtle –
17:18 MAS Irukandji –
18:10 Phoibos Wavemaster –
18:25 Phoibos GMT Eagle Ray –
18:45 Phoibos Bronze Eagle Ray –
19:02 Phoibos Great Wall –

Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links, I am an Amazon, Armilla, Aliexpress, Spinnaker, eBay and Phoibos affiliate so I would earn a small commission on qualified purchases. But most of the time Amazon is just the best source to link something just to get a look. I always encourage you to shop around and find the best price.

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10 Best Entry-Level Luxury Dive Watches

Finding the right high quality dive watch can be a big challenge because there’s so many brands and so many details to be explore. In this video I present you with 10 of the best options for an entry-level luxury automatic dive watch (+ 5 extra picks).


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Easiest Place To Buy A Rolex ? Best Entry Level Luxury Watches ? Q and A

Easiest Place To Buy A Rolex ? Best Entry Level Luxury Watches ? Q and A

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches it is time again for the Instagram Q and A. Today I answer questions like what is the easiest place to buy a Rolex? What is the best entry level watch brand? What are my favorite watch straps. That and more in todays episode. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Top 5 Swiss Watches Updated! :

Hamilton Khaki Field:

Tissot Visodate:

Glycine Incursore:

Victorinox Inox:

Mido Commander:

Seiko Turtle:

Seiko SKX:
Seiko SKX Black: