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Mail Carrier Is Greeted By A Furry Friend Every Time He Stops At This House

Typically, you hear of the ongoing battle between dogs and mail carriers…

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But, it’s not just dogs who dislike the men and women who deliver our packages…

Cats tend to get a bad rap for not being particularly affectionate. But mail carrier Levi Davis knows that’s not entirely true.

You see, every day when he delivers to one house in particular, he gets to visit with his biggest fan.

Rain or shine, the cutie always comes to say hey.

What a sweet treat — I bet his little friend is often the highlight of his route.

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This Cat Got A Little More Than It Bargained For When It Chose Octopus For Lunch

Living up to his species’ penchant for curiosity, this cat stuck his head into a pool filled with octopuses…and got a lot more than he bargained for. He wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at, but that didn’t stop him from taking a bite out of one. Unfortunately for him, the octopus had a trick up his eight sleeves. Watch!

Well, that didn’t work out like he thought it would. While I love octopus, I can’t say I would have risked it all a second time for a fresh meal…

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With Some Cheese, This Owner Can Get A Puppy, Kitten, And Cat To Sit At The Same Time

When it comes to training our pets, we’ll do just about anything to get them to do what we want — treats, praise, and promises of trips to the park are all up there. Just getting them to sit and lie down is worth the steep price of an entire box of biscuits, right? Yet for all our efforts, compliance is still a so-so proposition.

At least for everyone but this pet dad. Not only did he find a way to get his pup Chaos to sit on command, but also Kit the kitten, and Bob the cat! How, you ask? Something tells us at least a few pounds of cheese were involved…

We can wrap our heads around the dog learning to sit on command…but the kitten?!

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She Was Taking Her New Kitten Home When She Had To Pull Over For A Hilarious Reason

When you bring a new pet into your life, there’s always a bit of uncertainty that comes along with the decision. Will the two of you get along? Will your new friend adjust to its surroundings?

But there’s usually a moment that lets you know that you’ve made the right choice. Puppies express happiness and love with wagging tails and kisses, and kittens show that they care by curling up on their humans’ laps. Well, most kittens, anyway. This adorable little guy tried to get close to Mom in the weirdest way possible.

Okay, that’s a little bit odd, but it’s better than the kitty wanting to run away from her…right?

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