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This Weird Google Maps Glitch In Brazil Is Honestly Terrifying

The technology behind Google Maps is something that seems to get better every single day. However, every once in a while, Google Maps messes up and that’s when things get really weird.

While exploring Google Maps in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, one Redditor came across something disturbing.

This is a screenshot of what he found — a mysterious figure in all black just sitting there in the middle of the road.

Even creepier is that the figure seems to follow you as you move around the map.

If you go just a few more clicks in either direction, everything goes back to normal. Bizarre, right?

Did Google accidentally stumble upon a portal to the other side, or is this just a technical glitch?

(via Reddit)

As of this writing, the glitch is still active. You can experience the creepiness for yourself here.

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