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Playa Fit Teas (2 Package Combo) – 1 Month Weight Loss Tea Detox Treatment – South American Premium Herbal Cleanse Infusion Combo – All Natural Slimming Infusions for Day and Night (Daily Tea Bags)

This 1 Month Weight Loss Tea Detox Tea Treatment uses premium herbs grown in clean, sustainable farms of the South American Andes (unlike many teas from polluted regions of China and India)

DAYTIME tea infusion Skinny Rise & Shine helps to reduce appetite and bloating throughout the day (full 30 day supply)

NIGHTTIME, caffeine-free tea infusion Overnight Detox helps you sleep while cleansing your body and maintaining a healthy weight (full 30 day supply)

All natural ingredients sourced sustainably in Chile, the first pure detox tea for weight loss and belly fat

Satisfaction Guarantee: All products are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee

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