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Unending Winter = Gore mockery gold: ‘Shovel global warming off my driveway’!/JammieWF/status/315878926696185856

Zing! It is the Winter that won’t end.

Winter 2012/13: Israel got more snow, so did Germany, England, US NE. Very cold spells in Russia, Ukraine. Waiting for Al Gore to explain.

— EBlinick (@eblinick) March 24, 2013



Another snow blast for Midwest, East coming…


Cold snaps and snow continue at the end of March. Twitter users can’t help but wonder, “what happened, Al Gore?” Shovel away the Winter Blues with some awesome ManBearPig global warming hilarity. Take it away, Twitter!

I found a hole in Al Gore’s global warming theory. Evidence is ice pellet rain in Virginia Beach today.

— Barry Ezell (@orsa46) March 24, 2013

Heavy snow coming? Where you at Al Gore?

— Patrick Midla (@PatrickMidla) March 24, 2013

Al Gore what’s the status on global warming?

— Zach Julian(@poo_tang) March 24, 2013

I’m about to send an angered letter to al gore asking for my global warming back

— Davis Vanderslice (@Eco_Dave) March 24, 2013

Weather like this at this time of year makes me want to kick Al Gore in the nuts #GlobalWarming

— Frat Attire (@Frat_Attire) March 24, 2013

S/O to Al Gore for being right about global warming. #ohwait 3/24/2013…

— Ryan Folkes (@MrRyanFolkes) March 24, 2013

Snow?! Is this somekind of sick joke? Al Gore is an asshole

— Camren ward (@Psych_Ward_95) March 24, 2013

This global warming thing is crazy, right? If I had Al Gore’s phone number I’d call him right now and just giggle when he answered.

— Damon Oliver (@damonoliver) March 24, 2013

Al Gore lied

— Owen Pye (@OwenPye) March 24, 2013

Where’s Al Gore? I need a bunch of hot air about global warming. It’s freezing, and I live in TX!

— Mandy in TX (@AgainstTheLeft) March 24, 2013

Global warming my ass Al Gore… Snow storm in late march? #wtf

— Jared Kaemmerer (@jaredkaemmerer) March 24, 2013

It’s days like these that make me really appreciate how stupid Al Gore is.

— Xander Johnson (@Xanderpowell) March 24, 2013

Maybe global warming actually is a myth propagated by al gore to collect carbon taxes?👱💣

— Phillip Blankenship (@phillipacup) March 24, 2013

Any accusations of global warming at this point just make yourself look bad. LOL @ Al Gore

— Austin Harrison (@AustinHarrisonx) March 24, 2013

Hope that piece of shit Al Gore stops by today. With a shovel.

— PoliticallyILL1 (@PoliticallyILL1) March 24, 2013

Al Gore was wrong. #globalcooling #springsnowshowers

— Ryan Benjamin (@rabenjmain16) March 24, 2013

Al Gore is an idiot #imsuperserial

— Ben Ventling (@BVENT02) March 24, 2013

Al Gore: I see your global warming, and raise you an ice age. On a related note, does a VA hunting license cover mastodon?

— Silly Geoff (@sillygeoff) March 24, 2013

Someone needs to tell @algore that shoveling the global warming off my driveway tonight would be a great fat burning plan for him.

— Jim Proffitt (@ProffDaddy) March 24, 2013

Al Gore, call your office.We’re expecting 4 – 8″ of Global Warming for tomorrow morning’s commute.

— Todd M (@jcmthe4th) March 24, 2013

Keep it coming, Twitter. We are super serial.

“@antrob116: 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow??? Good call global warming… #ManBearPig” I’m super serial! #algore

— Colton Bell (@cbell18) March 22, 2013

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