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These Confessions From Retail Employees Are Both Helpful And Mind-Blowing.

Retail/service sector jobs are a rite of passage. All it takes is a year or two for the real truth to sink in: Retail and service sector jobs suck. While your time in retail will give you the experience you need for a better job, it also gives you the chance to learn the cool/interesting/deep dark secrets of the companies you work for. Here are 10 confessions about your favorite retail companies that will enlighten and maybe even enrage you a little bit.

This explains the powerful headache I get every time I’m in there.

Damn. That’s pretty awesome.

I bet they’re not too happy about this little secret getting out.

People actually do this?


Maybe I’ll send everything via USPS from now on.

Sounds like a good way to get some free snacks.

In my heart I knew it, but didn’t want to believe it.

Makes sense, but I’m sure the loss prevention team doesn’t like it.

Oh really? I’ll have to go coupon hunting.

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