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Foley: The Bible is ‘left-wing bullshit’; Should make patriots’ ‘blood boil’!/DaveSFoley/status/298932390208876544

Aww. Poor, little David Foley is stompy footing around because people dared to call him out on his earlier gun-grabbing jackassery. The comedian and actor recently said that it is totally fine to politicize on the backs of dead children, but anyone who rushed out to buy guns in a “2nd Amendment frenzy” is a “loathsome human.”

Not surprisingly, freedom lovers with moral compasses called him out.

@davesfoley The buying spree wasn’t in response to a tragedy but in response to your ghoulish and irrational hysteria.

— V(D) (@ViolaMustachio) February 6, 2013

@davesfoley If we abolish cars, 117 Americans won’t die today. Alas, “that isn’t the world we live in.” Been to gun-free Chicago lately?

— V(D) (@ViolaMustachio) February 6, 2013

His response? Sneer at his “frothing” opponents, and slam The Bible and patriotism all in one fell swoop. The trifecta of jackassery.

Well it’s bedtime. I hope my debate opponents can keep their mouths frothing for a few hours without me. Thanks for all the support gang.

— Dave Foley (@DaveSFoley) February 6, 2013

But, he’s totally not following you, silly plebs. He isn’t following you and doesn’t care what you say, which is why he must sneer in contempt at you.

Not sure why so many people who hate me so much and care so little about my opinion are following my tweets. I’m not following any of them.

— Dave Foley (@DaveSFoley) February 5, 2013

@freedomspatriot @ampedup183 @jimcarey LOL? So you’re an angry,right wing, teenaged girl.

— Dave Foley (@DaveSFoley) February 6, 2013

He then also retweeted these gems.



Jesus isn’t something icky to be hidden when he is the “right kind” of Jesus, right lefties? Even Jesus and faith is to be politicized, to them.

@jeffreye1965 @davesfoley while Jesus’ views were most definitely radical, they weren’t leftwing. they weren’t rightwing either, just sayin.

— Frank Clark (@bigfranky75) February 6, 2013

@davesfoley it’s a mistake to think of Jesus as right wing or left wing.We see everything as political now but He was about the spiritual

— Kevin Ashbrook (@KevinAshbrook) February 5, 2013

Foley then bragged about how awesome he is; He is quoted constantly, you see!

@ampedup183 @jammychronic Some still quote things I said more than 20yrs ago. What do you imagine the shelf life of your ideas will be?

— Dave Foley (@DaveSFoley) February 6, 2013

Yes, how long can pesky ideas like, you know, freedom last?

@davesfoley @jammychronic well the second amendment has been around for over 200 years,one would expect we’re good for another 200

— Scott R (@AMPedUP183) February 6, 2013

He did get one thing partially right.

@ampedup183 Why should they matter less? And I’m formerly famous, not almost famous.

— Dave Foley (@DaveSFoley) February 6, 2013

Formerly famous and desperately seeking relevancy.

@mallelis I’m pretty sure you could get Dave Foley on the cheap right now.

— Whit Andry (@whitneyarner) February 7, 2013


@davesfoley I actually dont think you were ever famous, but whatever. Your opinion holds zero value in this country, because you’re Canadian

— Scott R (@AMPedUP183) February 6, 2013


I don’t care for Dave Foley. Whenever he’s a guest star in an episode of something you know it’s a sad pathetic unfunny character.

— Mike (@alsoMike) February 6, 2013

Ah, yes. Life imitates art. Or should it be art imitates life, in this case?

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