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Ha! Check out sign in DC; Barrycades? You’re doing it wrong [pics]!/Kudzu81/status/387446828196958208

Ha! An enterprising patriot sought to plaster the truth over the Barrycade shutdown theater. The sign should have said “by order of the Spite House.” That would have been just perfect!

Other citizens provide a Teachable Moment to President Stompy Foot: Barrycades? You’re doing it wrong.

Obedience is not patriotism and #OccupyAmerica continues, now with more nation’s capital!!/sandimoynihan/status/385107451449987072


The caption for that Instagram photo reads:

Lets play a game on today’s run. How many #shutdown signs can you find in #dc in 8,26 miles? Here’s two, but I found about 10. Oh, and there’s still people in closed off park spaces. FYI park police, the signs aren’t working.




Awesome. Keep patriotism in the family!

This Twitter user offered up an idea for new signs to be put in place.!/backgroundN015e/status/385742973084131328



Brilliant pic! New motto for Barrycade-breaching #OccupyAmerica?

Priorities, plebs! Not shut down? Obama glam shots, stompy foot sammich-posing [pics]

Barrycades, #SpiteHouse cones are no match for patriots at Great Smoky Mountains National Park [pics]

‘Catch us if you can’: Gettysburg visitors defy #SpiteHouse cones and Barrycades [pics]

#SpiteHouse Fail: A simple human anatomy question about Mt. Rushmore cones

#PresidentStompyFoot: Obama’s shutdown snit fits inspire another ‘nails it’ hashtag

#SpiteHouse: President Stompy Foot sparks new name for White House [Photoshops]

We can see 2014 from the Barry-cades: New symbol of Obama’s presidency [Photoshops]

Michigan’s national park Barrycades fall to citizens

‘Occupy America:’ Visitors at Utah’s Zion National Park defy cones and Barrycades

Families throw off the cones at Badlands National Park in South Dakota

Honor Flight vets break through ‘Barry-cade’ at Iwo Jima Memorial [pics]

‘It’s quicker this way’: Police officer pushes John Ondrasik out of Jefferson Memorial

‘You don’t have the government’s permission to have a dream’: MLK memorial Barry-caded [pics]

Wheelchair-bound veteran busts into the Korean War Memorial [photo]

WW II vets cross barricades to visit Vietnam Memorial [photos]

‘Pure awesome’: The winning signs that protested closure of World War II Memorial [pics]

Barry-cades confirmed: Park Service says Obama admin ordered closure of World War II Memorial

‘Unbelievable!’ WH issues World War II memorial ransom note (Bonus ‘iconic’ Obama image)

‘Unreal’: Check out the shutdown barricade and sign at the 2nd Infantry Division Memorial in DC [pics]

You’ll love the ‘trophy’ World War II vets took home from the government shutdown blockade [pic]

World War II veterans knock down police barriers to attend memorial on the National Mall; Update: Did a congressman lead the vets through the barricade?; Update: Congressman says Obama administration knew about veterans’ request and rejected it

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