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Drake Bell advises Justin Bieber; Beliebers vow to ‘hunt him down,’ egg house!/DrakeBell/status/423653153486016512

Actor Drake Bell’s Twitter beefs with tarnished pop prince Justin Bieber are well-known. Bieber gave his detractors more fodder this week after the raid on his Calabasas, Calif. mansion.

As expected, Bell showed up to get in his digs.!/DrakeBell/status/423655405651124224

As expected, the Beliebers banded together to prove that the fan apples don’t fall far from the bad-boy pop star tree.!/maddybieber_xo/status/423680044947361792!/majesticxdrew/status/423677572421914624!/Kidrauhl_4ev/status/423677441996234752!/hoodxrauhl/status/423666859510996992

Beliebers: Always keepin’ it classy!

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