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‘NSFW!’ Emetic of the day: Chris Matthews’ #SOTU response disgusts [pic]!/Slublog/status/428363964217847808

Oh noes. Not again.!/Mattphilbin/status/428527522897485824


Double eww. And oh-so-prescient. Because here is Chris Matthew’s NSFW response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:!/hardball_chris/status/428363758352601088

Bow chicka barf barf.!/The_Real_Fly/status/428364114898194432

Heh. Enough said? Nah, let’s mock like the wind!!/CheckItOuter/status/428364393647075328!/UberMinch/status/428364288797851648

Dying. Oh, Twitter! Y’all make everything better.

A sad exit point, however: Worst job in the world?!/thealtofsalt/status/428503788564254721

Oh, the humanity.


Religious fervor or NSFW overshare? Chris Matthews goes full Tingles on Obama

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