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Hilarious Husbands Reveal What They Went Through When Their Wives Were Pregnant

Having never been a parent myself, I couldn’t describe firsthand the roller coaster of emotions, cravings, and odd behaviors that come with creating a tiny human.

But, as partners of moms-to-be will tell you, those long nine months of pregnancy, while a beautiful thing to witness, are some of the hardest of their lives. Whether they’re constantly running to the store for snacks or on the receiving end of some serious hormonal rage, dads deserve credit for everything they go through to keep their wives happy before they give birth.

These 20 husbands can proudly say they survived their wives’ pregnancies.

1. “Pregnant women can be vicious. This is my wife trolling me at breakfast.”

2. When in doubt, apologize, apologize, apologize.

3. Or just stop having any scent whatsoever.

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4. Always be prepared.

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5. Best. Husband. Ever.