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‘That’s why we’re doing it!’ See why Brad Thor is fleeing Chicago for Nashville!/ChampionCapua/status/455370625583157248

Author Brad Thor and family have decided on Nashville, Tennessee.!/BradThor/status/455370705589112834

What prompted the move? Oh, this:!/BradThor/status/455370257327083520

Flee destructive and dangerous liberal policies.!/clayjohanson/status/455375621842272256

Twitter users feel his pain and offer best wishes to the author and his family.!/BradThor/status/455376058355679232!/BradThor/status/455379647287418880!/ggr1868/status/455380425859297280!/markdewes/status/455377605693173762

Ding, ding, ding!!/BradThor/status/455379092938833920


Sad truth.!/BradThor/status/455449390925484032

This fan does express some worry about the move:!/toumbs/status/455388918351790080

Ha! Why not both writing and a country music band?

And this Twitter user vows to carry on the good fight:!/wulfy/status/455380272599425025

Thor then brings it home with the problem in a nutshell.!/BradThor/status/455391554954203136

Bingo. Heck of a job, Dems!


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