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Instead Of Sending Her Kids To School, She Lets Them Play Video Games All Day

When it comes to getting your children to be productive and get their homework done, video game consoles are usually the enemy.

When given the option of playing video games or doing their homework, children almost always chose video games. Countless studies have been conducted over the years that have both praised and frowned upon gaming. Some studies have shown that an increase in playtime of violent video games can cause them to become more aggressive and lash out in violent fits of rage.

While most parents see video games as a worthless waste of time, one couple in the U.K. feeds their kiddos’ gaming habit…so much so that they’ve allowed their kids to forgo traditional schooling to play.

Katie Pybus and her husband encourage their three children to play video games for more than seven hours a day.

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Pybus is using video games as the basis for her unconventional homeschooling practices.

She told the Mirror, “Games are the bedrock of what we do in our home education. Schools are far too focused on testing and exams and I prefer my children to learn through play.”

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