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Delicious: Sochi bear, Moscow News crushed by Russia’s hockey loss [pics]!/AlisonL/status/436178562928754688

Finland beat Russia 3-1 in a Sochi Winter Olympics ice hockey game on Wednesday, destroying Russia’s chances of winning a medal and (probably) causing another “Sadimir Putin” face. Sochi bear is inconsolable. Heh:!/PaulMyerberg/status/436170293930110977!/Heminator/status/436179638147354624

Sochi bear wasn’t the only one feelin’ the blues. Behold the hilarious tweets from The Moscow News:!/themoscownews/status/436131845072502784!/themoscownews/status/436149930705436672!/themoscownews/status/436153490482950144

Perhaps Sochi Nightmare Bear’s reign of terror will finally be over.!/vinniethegooch/status/435420481676509185

Or is the nightmare just getting started?!/rmatson37/status/436179338581401601

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