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Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, posts photos of his awesome bicep bruise!/jasoninthehouse/status/490205875567886336


That was two days ago. Here’s the same arm last night:!/jasoninthehouse/status/490713125411635200

Yikes! Tweeters can’t decide if they’re more impressed by the bruise or the muscle.!/CO2isAwesome/status/490713498125860865!/truebornpatriot/status/490714118609838080!/KBella11/status/490717607042224128!/CaliCard1/status/490723022068645889!/Chris_Hadrick/status/490713612802359296

Heh. That last one is a reference to this.!/jasoninthehouse/status/490716702502813697

Poor guy. He’s so injured he can barely tweet.


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