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David Sirota hopelessly outmatched in battle of wits with Greg Gutfeld!/jakester451/status/504454375470039040

No one of substance. Just another liberal talking head who is best known for his lame Twitter avatar.!/davidsirota/status/504397981756313600

Oh … um … snap?!/greggutfeld/status/504453085834797056

At this point in the contest a quality opponent would fire back with a witty rejoinder, preferably in the style established with the first salvo. David Sirota on the other hand opted for this.!/davidsirota/status/504455222693867520



Biting the lower lip is what really ups the intimidation factor here.!/davidsirota/status/504456530746286080

Really overdoing it with that mock stutter there, Dave.!/davidsirota/status/504456702280757248!/stockmatt/status/504457328301600768

Maybe if you try it once more, it will be funny this time.!/davidsirota/status/504457435789017091




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