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Keith Olbermann to Twitchy: I wish I knew how to quit you!; Updated!/KeithOlbermann/status/245401319052021760

As an aside, Olbermann seems to feel the need to repeat himself. Comes with years and years of being ignored. So, once more, with feeling!

As an aside, no stupid twitter name has ever been more unintentionally appropriate than @TwitchyTeam

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) September 11, 2012

Just call him Keith Drollbermann! Are we right? Eh? Eh?

Keith has already shown himself to have a creepy obsession with Michelle Malkin.

@KeithOlbermann @TwitchyTeam Your hatred of anything that has to do with @michellemalkin is well known.

— Cheryl Herin (@ClericalGal) September 11, 2012

It’s no wonder he’s widened the scope of his fixation to Twitchy.

Your hypocrisy is on this, after 10 years of GOP exploitation of 9/11, is immeasurable RT @TwitchyTeam Vile: Keith …

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) September 11, 2012

Oh, ouch! That smarts! His fans (yes, he apparently has some) kept the momentum going:

@KeithOlbermann @TwitchyTeam Sad what happened to Michelle. She has potential. All lost.

— Gus (@Gus_802) September 11, 2012

@KeithOlbermann @TwitchyTeam I don't want to start any rumors but I heard she gave Rush Limbaugh a "Dirty Sanchez" aka a "Dirty Rubio" #Fox

— Jim Moore (@AnothaJmoore) September 11, 2012


@KeithOlbermann @TwitchyTeam its good for its audience though. Have u ever watched a conservative try to sit still? They can't, they twitch!

— Lucia (@LuvLuchia) September 11, 2012

.@And_the_damaged @justus4all @KeithOlbermann @TwitchyTeam Aww are u right wingers THAT bored that u take pics of yourselves on the toilet?

— Lucia (@LuvLuchia) September 11, 2012

@KeithOlbermann @twitchyteam Hilarious.

— Walter Durham (@re10shun) September 11, 2012

@KeithOlbermann: As an aside, no stupid twitter name has ever been more unintentionally appropriate than @TwitchyTeam”Want a tic with that?

— LC Nelson (@Phx_AZ_concierg) September 11, 2012

@KeithOlbermann @TwitchyTeam But doesn't 'twitchy' describe Michelle Malkin perfectly?

— EricMartinWriter (@EricMartinWrite) September 11, 2012

@KeithOlbermann @twitchyteam Keith! You are so right!!! The level of conservatives hypocrisy just astounds me!!!! Biggest culprit M Malkin!!

— Inez M Campbell (@inezmcampbell) September 11, 2012

@KeithOlbermann Always thought was the most laughable garbage news site ever, then I came across @TwitchyTeam. Pathetic

— Mike Perri (@TheMikePerri) September 11, 2012

Well, we certainly can’t argue with well-reasoned arguments like those. Heh.

One Twitterer found a way to fit Olby’s trolling of Twitchy into a perfect nutshell:

@TwitchyTeam As an aside, no other twitter name has been linked to "troll-that-keeps-appearing-from-under-his-rock" than @KeithOlbermann

— John Crespi (@JohnCrespi) September 11, 2012

Another offered up a much-needed reality check for the fuming foot-stomper:

@KeithOlbermann @TwitchyTeam At least the twitchy team has jobs. And Bush will be judged by history, but you will be forgotten. Soon I hope

— Heliophobe (@Heliophobe30) September 11, 2012

Awww, snap!

Will Olbermann surpass Ellen Barkin in severity of Twitchy obsession? Stay tuned!



Bereft of any substantial comebacks to being called out for his vileness, Olbermann hit back at his detractors by reminding them that he’s part of the one percent:

Sorry you guys still have to work! RT @PakFanPajamaMan RT @Heliophobe30 @TwitchyTeam At least the twitchy team has jobs.

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) September 11, 2012

He’s really rackin’ up the charm points, isn’t he? All hail the People’s Pundit!


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