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Ed Schultz goes full jackwagon: Republicans are politicizing ‘Berghazi’!/AG_Conservative/status/473590862962638848

Another smart and classy MSNBC take on the Bowe Bergdahl swap:!/Tyler_McNally/status/473570353407877120

According to Ed Schultz, “the real story” is about “fear-mongering” Republicans like Canadian Ted Cruz from Canadian Canada trying to “make President Obama look bad.” Just another “phony scandal” like Benghazi. Bonus: “There’s nothing American about Ted Cruz.”!/Lindarsey/status/473572905402769408!/Biffspeaks/status/473666611501473792!/lightning7876/status/473658641883480064!/amandacarpenter/status/473804188556992512

Hey, Ed:!/lachlan/status/473570732312895488


‘Most dishonest tweet ever’: Chris Hayes shredded for question about ‘right-wing’ reaction to Bergdahl story

‘This stinks’: James Rosen reports US intel community has ‘major classified file’ on Bowe Bergdahl

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