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‘What does that even mean?’ Obama’s ready to ‘bend the arc of the moral universe’!/GaltsGirl/status/491231706964574208

Feeling rested and refreshed after yesterday’s golf outing, President Obama is back at the White House to sign an executive order prohibiting discrimination of LGBT employees.!/BarackObama/status/491230685055553538

So, what does this mean for us as a society?!/WhiteHouse/status/491231263479435264

Huh. Well, that’s … that sure is something.!/michelelfrost/status/491231928927125505!/GaltsGirl/status/491231976767369216!/GaltsGirl/status/491232541744308224!/RightGlockMom/status/491232167603621890

Ooo … we see what you did there!!/RickSheridan/status/491232880316542976!/VodkaPundit/status/491232392217366528

Hate it when that happens.

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