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‘Best. Tweet. Ever!’ Is Ronan Farrow Frank Sinatra’s son? See his response!/KateOrmsby/status/385804760009703424

Mia Farrow and her son Ronan made news this week when Ms. Farrow said that Frank Sinatra might be Ronan’s father, not Woody Allen.!/HuffPostUKEnt/status/385811919720185856

Sinatra’s widow isn’t buying it.!/aurelflaviu/status/385798719649509376

But Twitter users are buzzing over what they see as a resemblance.!/erinruthh/status/385788915992784897

That’s all neither here nor there, though. Because Ronan Farrow himself weighed in on the buzz and killed it.!/RonanFarrow/status/385412266625351681

Game? Over!!/FangirlingDaily/status/385776320711786496!/houseofhan/status/385757730561982464!/phillysean/status/385768360241557505!/yesjeeves/status/385760704273186817

Killing. It.


The tweet has been retweeted nearly 8,000 times and is garnering a ton of new followers for Ronan Farrow.!/fdr09/status/385812766461665280!/BrianBalthazar/status/385803815401713664


And exit grist for the rumor mill:!/AbelUndercity/status/385810195466563584

Hmm. Did Ms. Farrow ever date Vinton? Stay tuned!

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