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‘Oh snap!’ Zing Trifecta: Brad Thor slams McCain, Obama, Anthony Weiner!/BradThor/status/376826583396265984

Bada-zing! It’s funny, because it’s oh-so-true.

Like other Twitter users, author Brad Thor also noticed that Sen. McCain isn’t too good at figuring out who the bad guys are.!/BradThor/status/376826159033356288

Reality is so hard.

The zinger tweet struck a chord:!/mark_oldschool/status/376827604331790336!/tmac628/status/376844347414945792

Thor also slammed President Obama in snarky style.!/BradThor/status/376813324962254848


And threw in a bonus snicker at Anthony Weiner:!/BradThor/status/376848874574323712


The giggles ended, however, as Thor offered up this painful reminder:!/BradThor/status/376847101356810240


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