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Viewfinder San Hat Unisexual Wide Brim Anti-UV 360 º Protection Stiff Peaked Cap For Tennis Golf Cycling Trip Vacation Beach Hiking Gym And Much More,Chrome

1. The exclusive design against the ultraviolet radiation of the UPF 50 + coefficient, protects your thin and sensitive skin that does not suffer the sunburn in the different scenes such as: Long Beach, hiking or summer trip, adventure in a tropics etc.

2. Not only a unique way to carry, according to what you prefer, the hat will be adjustable by its folding charateristic

3. We select the high quality ecological and breathable material, the hat we have made and said according to the requirement of the European Union

4. An integration of beauty and elegancìa with abundant optional colors

5. Cleaning easy, machine washable, but personal opinion is to wash it to the hand because of lengthening the life of the use.

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