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5 Great Watches Under $10,000 from Grand Seiko, JLC, Hublot, Piaget & Oris at London Jewelers

Looking for your next great watch? Here are 5 options from major brands under $10,000.

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Today, Christian and Anthony dive into five incredible watches under $10k!

First up, we have the Oris Aquis Date Clean Ocean Edition. At 39.5mm in diameter, it’s smaller than the traditional Aquis offerings, and it blue fume-like diam helps to bring it into a totally new zone aesthetically. The interesting thing, however, is the watch’s purpose, made to help raise awareness for The Ocean Project, a foundation designed to raise awareness for the largest threat to the world’s oceans — Plastics.

Then we move into the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic Large. This is very much your classic Reverso in terms of design, but in a larger 27.4mm by 45.6mm case diameter. While the Reverso, originally launched in 1931 as a sport watch, has seen a myriad of variations over the years, this classic design is one of the most enduring, a sort of new standard for the model. Powering the watch is the JLC Caliber 822/2, a hand-wound movement with a 45 hour power reserve. It’s hidden behind a steel caseback, perfect for any engraving you can think of.

From there, we have the Grand Seiko Heritage Spring edition, a watch from their sublime Four seasons collection. Its 40mm, 62GS inspired case is made from high-intensity titanium, and is finished to the highest standard you’re likely to see out of Grand Seiko. It’s powered by the 9R65 Spring Drive caliber, and features a dial that is incredible from any angle, under any lighting. Its pinkish hues are meant to mirror the falling cherry blossom leaves (called sakura), and the look is as unique as it is captivating.

Next up is the Hublot Classic Fusion in titanium with a forest green dial. The Classic Fusion, of course, borrows heavily from the nautical themed timepieces designed by Gerald Genta for the likes of Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, but with a ton of its own character to help set it apart. Hublot’s biggest strength as a brand is their willingness to play with case materials, and this example, in titanium and with a green croc-topped rubber strap, is a perfect example.

Finally, we have the Piaget Polo S, a steel stunner with a smoky grey dial. Another steel sport watch with an integrated-style bracelet, this one pays homage to the original Polos that came in 1979. This one, at 42mm, is definitely a more contemporary offering, but its impressive thinness, at under 10mm in height, helps it wear much better on a wider range of wrists. The date window at 6 o’clock helps add functionality while maintaining the watch’s symmetry, and makes for one of the sleekest timepieces around.