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16 Killer Barefoot Shoes That Don’t Look Weird

Here’s 16 of my favorite barefoot shoes after testing. Links to each below 🙏


42:06 Lems Boots

2:02 Research on barefoot stuff

2:50 Vans Classics

3:22 Vivo Geo Court

5:20 Meditation + Masturbation video

5:44 Feiyue

6:15 Feelgrounds

6:51 ANI

8:03 Lems Mariner

9:10 Birchbury Bramfords

10:11 Lems Chukka

11:17 Vivo Gobi ii Mens

12:34 Vivo (maybe: Magna Trail)

13:26 Lems Boots

15:40 Vivo Boots, Vivo Tracker Boot

17:00 Vivo Primus Lite

17:13 Davinci Baxter

17:50 Dr. Bronners Soap

18:34 Shamma Sandals

19:02 Bedrock Sandals

22:00 Chase Reeves Patreon

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