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What I Ate in a Day 🌱 VEGAN + FILLING

What I eat in a day with easy vegan recipes! Hope this gives you some easy plant-based meal ideas! Recipes and more info below 🙂
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Pear – a – Sprite Vegan Cake Recipe:

Nisha Balsara:

Hannah Hagler:

Megan Sadd:

Nic’s On Beverly (restaurant)

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Hope you enjoyed seeing what I eat in a day as a normal plant-based vegan! Eating loads of healthy, whole, plant foods with a few delicious treats mixed in is my favorite way to eat. I love the variety we’re seeing with vegan options now adays and honestly, I don’t feel like I missing a single thing by being vegan. I thought I would miss eggs or cheese or cheeseburgers for that matter, but the truth is, I still eat all of those foods, just a healthier, vegan version and I’m SO much happier.

Veganism is good for me, good for the animals, and good for the planet and it really feels like a win/win situation! Comment below if you can relate or if you have any questions about eating a plant-based diet! I’m happy to help 🙂