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Favorite Tritium Combat Watches: Isobrite

I got my start with Luminox and they’re still a great brand. For instance my Atacama is my fave tritium field watch. But here we’ll focus on combat style dive watches. My orange SEAL Luminox 8809.GG kicks off the review. Luminox may be a bit overpriced on some versions and their brightness sometimes is lame. So here’s my current fave of the genre then: ISOBRITE T100 “Valor.”
Using the same polycarbonate cases, they are standouts in their Tritium brightness. In fact it’s ridiculous how much they outshine the competition. Their “Trigalight” produced T100 tritium vials are 4x brighter, containing 100 MCI of tritium gas. This opens up some interesting POUs discussed here.
Bright is one thing but how about looks, size, straps, etc. It’s all nines here too. The Valor has the correct case size, xlnt bezel action, good water resistance [dive video shown!], Arabic markers (a rarity in the genre), good legibility, and great colors. This version comes from the “Drop” website and it classified as a kit, with the extras shown. The Drop package as below is a good value, saving over $200 on an Amazon price. Color considerations discussed. You’ll also see some cool ArmourLite Caliber AL600 series and a Deep Blue Night Guardian for more bonus comparisons!

Drop Isobrite “Valor” watch
Isobrite Valor watches:
Luminox SEAL watches, still good watches: Isobrite Valor watch
TNPrs have and like this expensive chunk of a dive watch too (FNH Cat):
Luminox Atacama, a TNP fave, gone up since review though:

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