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Big Watches…On Their Way Out?! 39mm, 44mm, 48mm…

Now, let’s talk about sizes. Is this 41 millimeter too big or not?

For some, it might be. For others, it might be perfect, but on this video, let’s talk about what sizes are in and what sizes are out.

Alright, so in the past, I’ve had a video where I spoke about watch sizes being too small. For example, on the Presidential, I preferred the 41 and now actually even the 40 over the 36, you know?

The 40 has grown on me, but it doesn’t mean necessarily that I’m trying to put the biggest watch on my watches where it almost looks like a transformer, but I could definitely say that the times have changed a little bit and some of the big watches are out.

So for example, 48 mm I think is dead in the water right now. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to sell a 48 millimeter or anybody has really asked me for one. It always gonna still remain a niche market, where perhaps these guys that like those watches or there are big guys themselves with huge wrists. But one of the watches that I say its completely dead is the 48 millimeter Hublot King Power. I mean, those watches are gone.

Forty eight millimeter is just going a little bit too big already. I would say 44 is the threshold of what is the biggest size in today’s fashion and trend that can hold in the market.

So speaking of 44, not every 44 mm case is the same. Forty four millimeter AP is not the same as a 44 mm Rolex.

The AP is gonna be bigger. I mean, I don’t know what it is, but I always like to add one to two millimeter to any size of AP, specially in the Offshore lineup.

So even for me, I’ve kind of even noticed right now that the 44 AP is fitting a little big for the exception of my Carbon.

I guess things right now in the trend are going a little bit down as far as size at least.

Now, this 41-millimeter AP for me fits perfect. You’re noticing that the brands are starting to come out with certain models a little bit smaller, hence the AP Royal Oak Chrono in 38 mm.

Now, that’s something that has me a little bit on a toss up because the 39 millimeter I felt wasn’t big. It wasn’t small, but it definitely was not big and I’ve heard several people comment to tell me that the 38-millimeter chrono feels very small, almost like for their girlfriend.

That’s something you’ll wanna hear. So again, I think the time of those really big watches could possibly already be at the end.

Let me give you a perfect example, the AP Legacy, beautiful watch as far as the concept goes. You know, the idea, all ceramic with some rose gold. That’s a 48 millimeter watch. I think those watches are already too big for today’s trend. It just looks very, very big, especially nowadays when you got all of these like off cheaper brands, like Invicta, TW Steel, stuff like that, where they all have monster size cases. So I guess that’s kind of maybe where the turnoff comes.

AP Legacy, great watch if you could wear it and fit it on your wrist. For me, it’s just a little bit too big for today’s trend.

Have a look at the popularity the last two years on the Patek Nautilus and the Aquanaut. Those are nowhere near big watches. There are not big at all. I even mention on one of my previous videos that the 5975, the 40th Anniversary where they went with the big sized case, I almost thought they went too big.

Things change, trends change, even I could say one day I wanna a big watch and the next day I don’t. That’s why this is a hobby and that’s why things change, but it’s safe to say that right now they’re definitely scaling down the size of the watches and they’re starting to get a little bit smaller.

I only hope they would have done instead of the Day-Date 40, they should have done the Day-Date 41, where instead of making it smaller in size, there would have just made it thinner in profile.

Profile makes a big difference on making a watch look bigger or smaller.

Now, I haven’t had the chance to yet have one of those 38 millimeter chronos in my hands, the second I do I will be doing a comparison and a review.

However, I do think and I’m a little worried that it could be a little bit too small because like I said, the 39 was right there pushing the edge of the limit in size. I mean, it’s almost too small, so the 38 we’ll have to wait and see.

Once I get one, I’ll be more than happy to do a side-by-side comparison and if any of you guys out there want that 38 mm, I mean I don’t know how tall you are or skinny or what not, I mean it’s up to you. At the end of the day this is all about personal preference and what you like. It is your money and it needs to make you happy, so if the watch is too big..


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