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Living Without Limitations

This book can help Heal your World in so many ways! It has the ability to create awareness of things many dare not speak of. Too many people are broken and hurting to varying degrees in their lives. We are conditioned to keep this inside and deny the pain. As multi-faceted people with a mind, body and spirit we need to recognize that there is a connection to other human beings in this world. The intention behind these TRUE LIFE stories is to help you understand that no matter what you have walked through, you are not alone. There are many other individuals who have also walked along similar paths, some even worse than your own! Don’t let life’s pains and heartaches break you down any longer. Health issues, sexual, mental, emotional and racial abuse plus rejection are some of the topics covered inside this book. Discover how these authors found their healing and hope once more. Start living without the limitations of the past hanging over you. With so many self-help books out there, wouldn’t it be nice to find one that shows how powerful the human mind, body and spirit really are? Let us show you how victory and healing can still happen.