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Moments of Grace

Sharing our stories, who we are, what we love, how we feel, why we fear, connects us to one another. Weaving moments of grace with spiritual practices that have grounded her through life’s challenges, Laurie Blefeld invites the reader into her sacramental stories. You will find yourself in Laurie’s stories and reclaim bits and pieces of your own. “Our days are a stream of moments – some devastating, some down to earth and some filled with ineffable meaning. Laurie Blefeld has written a book full of tender moments that warm the heart and remind us to be grateful for and conscious of how laced with grace our lives really are. This is a book to enjoy and treasure.”-Gunilla Norris, author of Sheltered in the Heart and Companions on the Way: A Little Book of Heart-full Practices “Laurie’s transformational stories, told in her authentic and lyrical voice, are evocative of the highs and lows in everyone’s life. Laurie’s generous prose connects us to her family’s living history – and through it to our own. She is a natural spiritual teacher. Moments of Grace is luminous, warm, comforting and filled with such good practices.”- Dr. Joan Borysenko, from the Foreword