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superfood protein powder

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    Plant Protein Powder. Health Warrior’s new Superfood Protein Powder is a unique plant-based blend sourced from superfoods – pumpkin, hemp, chia and flax seeds – plus probiotics to support healthy digestion. Each serving has 20g of clean protein, only 1-2g of sugar and only the cleanest ingredients.

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    Superfood Protein is an unflavored organic plant-based protein with mushrooms and adaptogens you can easily shake and sip, or blend into your favorite smoothie recipe. More than helping rebuild and repair muscle after a workout, plant-based protein helps you to find the balance for overall wellness.

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Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

-Selena, have you ever seen the show on YouTube called “Hot Ones”? -No. -On the show — it’s a great show, it’s really funny — you eat spicy chicken wings that get hotter as you go, all while answering questions about yourself. -I’m going to regret this. -No, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think we should try it right now. -All right, let’s do it, yes. -Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the host of “Hot Ones,” Sean Evans, right there! Thank you for being here. I’m a fan.

Please, thank you for this, and please take it easy on us. -All right. Well, thank you so much for having me. We’re doing “Hot Ones” live here. But don’t worry, there’s no reason to be nervous. If it gets too spicy for you, you can always hit the milk. But, Jimmy, I noticed, where’s your glass? No cup? -Oh, yeah. No, I don’t — Well, I do have a cup, but since it’s “The Tonight Show,” I don’t — we don’t mess around here. So can someone bring out my cup of milk? -Where’s his cup? -Yeah, this is, uh — That is the actual Stanley Cup right there. That is the actual — That is the real deal Stanley Cup. Thank you, Stanley. And it is filled with milk. -Filled with milk? -That was supposed to be filled with water. Okay, good. But it’s filled with milk just in case we need it. But, you’re saying you don’t really need it. Is that what you’re saying? -Well, we’re doing an abbreviated version of the show, and we’re going to start kind of mild with Los Calientes.

But I’m going to be honest with you guys, it’s a very steep ramp up. We very rapidly get to the last dab of hot sauce, more than 400 times hotter than a jalapeño. So with that in mind, are you ready to dig in? -Yeah. -Yeah, okay. So we just go with this one? -This one, right? No? -I think you’re at the end of the paddle. And then we’ll all — -That looks way hotter, though.

-You have pieces of pepper and stuff hanging in there. I’ve seen the show, you should eat the whole thing? -If you’re down to commit. -Oh, yeah. I’m down. -These are good. -Okay, mild. That’s good. You can handle spicy? You can do that? -It’s not bad. -All right, Jimmy, my first question is for you, because as I understand it, a few years ago, you did a segment called “Cooler Heads” with James Franco. And there was this gag where they were supposed to take a bucket of fake Buffalo sauce and dump it over your head. But because of a production mix up, it ended up being real hot sauce? -Yes. Very real. -Really? -Oh, my gosh, it was unbelievable. I don’t know — That person is no longer working at the show. He dumped real Buffalo wing sauce all over my head and we finished the thing, and I’m like, “That was great!” And then I just started feeling a tingling on my face and on my back, it went down the back of my shirt.

And my whole face was kind of scarred from cayenne pepper. And I took a shower in milk. -It’s always a professional liability when you are working with extremely hot sauce. I know that better than anyone. Are you guys ready to move on here to the Wiltshire Chilli Farm sauce, featuring Trinidad Scorpion? For many years, the hottest pepper in the world? -Oh, great. -Trinidad Scorpion. ♪♪ Okay, that’s something. That’s something there. I’m feeling something. I feel something. -It’s actually not bad. -Really? -Selena’s rocking it. -Really? -Make some noise for Selena. -Really? You’re not freaking out? -Unh-unh. -My tongue — something is happening. -All right, Selena, this question is for you. From eating pizza crust and fried pickles, your food preferences very much bear the mark of somebody who does not apologize for what she likes. So with that in mind, can you explain the enduring allure of dining out at Hooters? -Well, initially it was to — -You can just get right to the end of the story. -Okay. -Whoo-hoo! Oh, God! Trinidad Scorpion. Are you serious? -Initially, it was because my dad wanted to hit on hot girls.

-Ah. -but then, I just — I don’t know — I enjoy the fried pickles, the shrimp, the butter. -Uh, yeah, that’s good. -It’s good. -Great menu. Great menu. -Could not have said it better myself. All right. -Oh, no. -Right? Are you feeling this? -I think I am now. -Now you’re feeling it. -Well, for people who watch “Hot Ones,” this is the moment they’ve been waiting for. This next wing is Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity It is a ride. -Wha– -Selena, you’re awesome, cheers. -Cheers. ♪♪ -Sizing it up. ♪♪ -You’re crying. You’re crying. Oh, my God. -What the hell? -So this sauce is just all about survival right now. We’re just trying to survive this segment.

On our show we have a recurring segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” where we have our guests explain their Instagram pictures. – -So can we put it up? Do you remember this selfie, and what the heck is in your teeth? -I don’t remember anything right now. -You were — what was it –? -This is horrible. -Aah! What was in it? Gum? Do I have to finish all of this? No disrespect, right? -It was gum! It was gum! -Oh, my gosh.

Okay. I think it was gum or lipstick or something. Oh, my God. -From four years ago, what a memory. What a memory. All right, you probably wonder why I’m shaking up this bottle. This is the last dab. We call it the last dab because it’s tradition to put a little extra on the last wing. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. -Oh, my God. ♪♪ My nose is running. ♪♪ All right. I got you. Oh. Oh, gosh. Ooh! Oh. All right. -All right. Bottoms up. ♪♪ -All right, you guys have had… -I hate it! -…so many iconic moments on “The Tonight Show” together. But now it’s time to put another chapter in the history books. We’ll do a name that impression game.

Jimmy, all you have to do is ad lib three impressions. And, Selena, all you have to do is try to guess the impression. – Ugh, I just want to say who I’m doing. Uh…my gosh. Geez, like, Sandy, I swear to God, I can’t believe this. I can’t even do an impression. It’s killing me. Just say John Travolta. -John Travolta. -John Travolta. – Oh, my God. You’re crying, just please say Pee-Wee Herman. -How is that Pee-Wee Herman? -Look at you crying. Just one more. -Why do you do this to people? -We’re stuck here together. -You’re an evil, evil man. You’re a sick, evil man. And how are you not crying? Wait, you haven’t eaten your wings! Oh, my gosh. Last one. I haven’t even touched it yet. Oh, my gosh. Hey, hey. There’s nothing in that. -What are you doing?! -Adam Sandler. -Thank you, say Adam Sandler. Just say Adam Sandler. -It is Adam Sandler! Oh, my gosh. Does that even help? Ugh! Can you just do the outro for me? I can’t even talk. -Yes.

Hey, don’t go anywhere. “The Tonight Show” will be right back with more Selena Gomez. Don’t go anywhere. ♪♪ .

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Undercover Lyft with Chance the Rapper

– How you doin’ man? – Hey how you doing man? What’s good? – I’m Good – What’s your name? What’s your name? – I’m Randal. – Nice to meet you Randal. Lets get it. – Whoa – Whoa what? – Do you know who you are? (upbeat music) – Hi I’m Chance the Rapper. Today we’re here with Chicago public schools and the SocialWorks charity, and this is Undercover Lyft. – What’s your name? – Dezi. – Dezi, I’m John. Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you Chris. – Ashanti – Miss Ashanti. Well I am John. I will be your driver today. – How you feeling today? – I’m feeling great.

– Where you from Chris? – Chicago, Illinois. Born and raised. You? – Yes sir. Same place – I never use GPS. They say, “Never leave things up to chance.” I say, “Always leave things up to chance. You know?” (passenger laughs) – I love my riders. I just don’t like when when they spill fries on the seat. – Ohhh. Well yeah that makes sense. – Sometimes people will lie on the seat, you know what I mean, fart on the seat – Oh no! – Can you remind me? Were you going to 79th? – Who me? Uh uh. – 65th and Ingleside? – I always had a dream to get into music or poetry or something like that. I never performed in front of anybody before. Is it cool if I hit a note for you really quick? – Yeah! Do it Do! – Alright My name is John. I’m from Chicago. Yo it’s uhhh eh. – You got this. I’m excited. – What? You sing and you rap as well as do those beats? – I do a little singing.

I do rap. I make the beats too. I’m a fly on the wall. I gots to buy on the (mumbles). – Mhmmm – You know one of the things I like about the Lyft thing is I got the Round Up and Donate. I’m trying to get more involved in the city. You know? Do my little piece of activism when I can. You know? – Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Every little bit helps. That’s what I think. – I went to CPS school, went to public school so I could give money back to the kids. – Mhmm. – SocialWorks is such a good thing and I think that all those kind of, you know, especially just specifically Chicago things man. They’re important. – I’m only 25 but I bet I get a statue in my hometown when I die. – Okay. What would the statue be for? – For this driving.

I’m doing my damn thing. You know what I’m saying? I need something. (Dezi laughs) I need something for this. Watch out man! You don’t want zero problems big fella. What kind of music do you listen to? You don’t listen to no hip hop do you? – Well yeah, definitely. – What I’m not that old. Well I know when I start sayin Tupac you’re like, “Way old”. – Tupac? No, that’s the classic right there. – I like Kanye, Chance the Rapper.

– I love Chance the Rapper. Kanye. Chance. – Chance the Rapper. – Yes – Oh! Kendrick. Also one of my favorites, obviously – Kendrick is really good. Is he better than Chance though? That’s the real question. – It’s cool that like his mom is supportive and he married the love of his life. – I bet Chance has a good mom. He’s probably getting married too. – Yeah. I think Chance either is engaged or like maybe been with the… I don’t know. I’ve seen photos. – I’m not a superfan but I know he’s got a good looking woman. I think he ’bout to get married to her. You like Chance? – You know? I was just about to say him. – Yeah I was just at his uh, he did a show over in Northerly Island for the Special Olympics. – I would definitely go see him live if I got a chance. Chance. Get it? – Yeah (laughs) If I got a Chance. – Yeah. I got you. (bright pop music) – You ever met Chance the Rapper? – No.

– You could meet him. – Get outta here! – That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m talking about. – Holy (beep) (laughter) – I got you! (“Work Out” by Chance the rapper) – I just met Chance the Rapper. I’m kinda (beep) up right now. (laughs) – This is the coolest thing I’ve ever been part of. This is so cool. – We got him. Thank you for using round up and donate. I hope you throw a little bit of that to the new Chance Fund. – Oh well definitely. – You can help Chicago public schools through the new Chance Fund.

Go to the link in this video and click the opt-in to the round up and donate feature right in the Lyft app. – You know who I like a lot? I like Chance the Rapper. – Oh yeah yeah yeah. – That’s a rapper. – He’s always giving and always thinking and just like very, at the grassroots level. – I agree. – He’s not the only one and I’m a let you go. But you know a lot of the folks have done stuff that… – Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on – Oh okay. – ‘Cause I love Chance and uh– – You kind of look a little bit when you.. – Do I look a little bit like him? – Once you start taking your… – I am Chance the Rapper. I’m Chance the Rapper and um– – No you’re not – And I am here to thank you, personally.

– No, What is going on? – (voice off screen) It’s Chance the Rapper. – Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! – Now she believes me. – Oh Brother. Oh my god. You do beautiful things my brother. Yes! (Workout by Chance the Rapper) .

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Getting Your Nutrients: Tips And Tricks On Eating Right

Good nutrition is essential for good health. Many people do not know how to choose nutritious foods. Although most of us know the right foods to eat, it doesn’t always mean we are going to eat them all the time. Keep reading this article to understand good nutrition and how to make it a part of your life.

If you have a choice as to what nuts to use, choose the almonds. These are the most nutritious nuts that can reduce cholesterol levels, raise protein levels, and help you keep a healthy blood cell count. Also, they tend to be lower in price than most of the other nuts.

Consuming the recommended daily number of calories is essential to staying healthy. An 1800-calorie diet that is packed with nutritious foods will serve you much better than consuming an 1800-calorie cake and calling it a day. Just as it is important to monitor how much food you consume each day, you should also be concerned with what types of food you eat.

Do you eat a lot of meals packaged to be made in the microwave? That can be convenient, but not very healthy. Anything pre-packaged meals are chalk full of preservatives.

Go for a short time without eating whole grains. Humans benefit greatly from other food types such as vegetables and meat. Grains were not produced until much later, so they haven’t been around long. If you cut grains out you may feel good.

If you’re interested in making nutrition work for you, start by gathering a collection of interesting, healthy recipes. With a little experimentation you can prepare protein bars, jerky, dried fruits and other healthy snacks. Oatmeal pancakes is another tasty recipe that’s easy to pick up and packed with great nutrition.

Diabetics require different nutritional needs than others. Eating regularly addresses this because the level of blood sugar is kept within range. They need to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and dairy products with limited fat in them. They need to be sure to eat at the same time every day.

Olive oil is a great additive for skin care. This will help to keep your hand and face moist. Also, it will reduce the toxins in your body. Apply a thin layer once or twice a day.

Those with diabetes should consult a physician before consuming alcoholic beverages. Studies show that alcohol can cause blood sugar to dip, so take care.

Broccoli is a food that is great for you. Broccoli contains a host of vitamins and minerals including cancer reducing phytochemicals. In order to preserve the most nutrients from your broccoli, you should prepare it by microwaving or steaming it quickly. It won’t do anyone any good if it is gray and mushy.

Be careful when buying dairy products. While dairy items have nutritional content ranging from potassium to proteins, make sure that you get the ones that are low in fat. Drink low-fat or skim milk because it cuts how many calories you’re taking in while keeping the nutrients intact. If you cannot digest lactose, drink some soy milk. Try reduced fat cheeses instead of varieties that are higher in saturated fat.

Smell bananas, apples and peppermint. Certain foods suppress the appetite. Some folks think these foods actually trick the mind into thinking the body has already consumed them. With your appetite suppressed, you can maintain your weight easily.

If you overeat or eat poorly one day, don’t beat yourself up about it. You will be likely to fall to bad habits if you are too hard on yourself. Just forget about it and start fresh when you can. Being hard on yourself will not help at all.

Evaluate your current diet and decide where you need to make changes. Do you add large amounts of salad dressings and sauces to healthy foods? Cut back on some of those condiments.

Try to remove certain things from your diet to get proper nutrition. First of all, sugars can be detrimental to your health. Second, foods that are referred to as “white,” such as white bread and white rice are lower in nutrition than whole-grain, or “brown” versions. Eat healthy fats, because saturated and trans fats are not good for the health of your heart.

Teach your children how to shop for food at the grocery store. Have them look at product labels to see how bad food can be and why they should not eat it.

Sort out your plate into sections. This will help you to isolate each of the food groups that you are eating. For best results, your plate should be about 50 percent vegetables, 25 percent lean protein and 25 percent starches. This balance of foods can help you reach your nutritional or dietary goals.

Some people do not understand what they are putting in their body. If you miscalculate throughout your life, you can end up with a very big mistake! This article contains many useful nutrition tips. Use these tips you’ve read to make better nutritional choices.

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Eating Well And Living Better: Nutrition Tips

Nutrition sustains life. Good nutrition is necessary to longevity and health, and there is a ton of information available on the subject. It can feel a little overwhelming knowing where to start with so much information available. The basics are a good starting point. This article is going to help you start out.

A great nutrition tip is to make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. The USDA recommends an average of nine to thirteen servings of vegetables and fruits daily. Although this sounds like a large number of servings, but it is actually easy to fit in. For instance, you can drink one glass of orange juice in the mornings, or you could use tomato sauce on your plate of spaghetti.

Organic foods are often considered healthier. Scientific evidence points to the fact that nutrients are higher in organic foods and nitrates are lower. These foods are healthy as they are straight from nature free from additives. As soon as you give organic a try, you will notice the difference and never look back.

Add more salmon to your diet. Salmon has a healthy dose of niacin and omega-3 content. Omega-3 fatty acids naturally reduce risk for many serious diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. To cut the chances of ingesting dangerous chemicals, opt for wild salmon instead of farmed salmon.

You can adopt a healthier diet by eating a vegetarian meal two or three times a week. It will help out your wallet and the meals will taste good. It also helps you moderate the amount of animal fat you have in a week.

Always try to eat a meal that is balanced and nutritious. The nutrients that are essential for your body to function are fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Even though supplements have these nutrients, your body will absorb them more efficiently from food than from pills.

You should be wary of foods that are advertised as fat-free or as containing zero trans fat. Foods that are labeled fat-free often are loaded with a large amount of sugar to make up for the bland taste. Read all of the nutrition info when you are shopping for food.

There are fourteen drams of great protein in every one hundred grams of grain. Quinoa is not just tasty, but it’s versatile, as well. You can make it into a pilaf as a side dish, or prepare it with brown sugar and apples for a scrumptious breakfast dish.

By following this tip, you’ll be less apt to make the easy, but unhealthy choice of fast food or junk food. If you have a variety it will help you to stay with your diet.

Use whole wheat flour instead of white flour. You will also gain more fiber with wheat flour, as well as higher nutritional content.

One aspect of nutrition that is relatively unknown is the need for B vitamins, and especially B12. Dark green vegetables, such as spinach, are excellent sources of cobalt. However, organ meats like kidney, heart and liver are the best sources.

Beautify your hair with protein-rich foods and those high in folic acid and zinc. Keratin, a protein component, is the basic building block of your hair. The folic acid and zinc also helps add shine to your hair and keep it smooth. If you want to boost these nutrients within your regular diet, add in more legumes, seafood and avocados.

As stated previously in this article, the right nutrition is essential to sustain life. Don’t get confused by the wealth of information; instead, just start by implementing the basics. The tips provided here are a great way to get started towards a long and healthy life.