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He Crafted The World’s Most Expensive Chicken Sandwich, But Is It Worth The Price?

Food can be expensive, but we have to have it, so footing the bill is a necessary evil.

I often think that if I didn’t have to eat throughout the day, I’d probably be well on my way to becoming a millionaire. Regardless of whether you stay in for a home-cooked meal or go out to eat at the latest chain restaurant, it can be pretty costly. But I had no idea just how expensive it could be to make something 100 percent from scratch.

As part of his “How To Make Everything” web series, Youtuber Andy George tackled the task of creating a basic chicken sandwich from scratch. What many would consider a fairly easy culinary feat was nothing of the sort. Traveling across country to collect salt water from the ocean was only one of the 16 steps George completed over the course of six months. By the time all was said and done, he had collected his own honey, milked a cow, and pickled his own veggies. He spent approximately $1,500 in the process.

Find out if a $1,500 chicken sandwich is worth the cost when it comes to quality and taste!

I think it’s safe to say that my bank account would rather I didn’t try this at home.

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Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, posts photos of his awesome bicep bruise!/jasoninthehouse/status/490205875567886336


That was two days ago. Here’s the same arm last night:!/jasoninthehouse/status/490713125411635200

Yikes! Tweeters can’t decide if they’re more impressed by the bruise or the muscle.!/CO2isAwesome/status/490713498125860865!/truebornpatriot/status/490714118609838080!/KBella11/status/490717607042224128!/CaliCard1/status/490723022068645889!/Chris_Hadrick/status/490713612802359296

Heh. That last one is a reference to this.!/jasoninthehouse/status/490716702502813697

Poor guy. He’s so injured he can barely tweet.


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David Sirota hopelessly outmatched in battle of wits with Greg Gutfeld!/jakester451/status/504454375470039040

No one of substance. Just another liberal talking head who is best known for his lame Twitter avatar.!/davidsirota/status/504397981756313600

Oh … um … snap?!/greggutfeld/status/504453085834797056

At this point in the contest a quality opponent would fire back with a witty rejoinder, preferably in the style established with the first salvo. David Sirota on the other hand opted for this.!/davidsirota/status/504455222693867520



Biting the lower lip is what really ups the intimidation factor here.!/davidsirota/status/504456530746286080

Really overdoing it with that mock stutter there, Dave.!/davidsirota/status/504456702280757248!/stockmatt/status/504457328301600768

Maybe if you try it once more, it will be funny this time.!/davidsirota/status/504457435789017091




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