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What Happens When This Pup Gets Excited Is Honestly Too Cute For Words

It’s probably safe to say that we all have a pretty good grasp on what makes our four-legged friends happy.

And that’s because they make no secret of their enthusiasm when it’s time to eat or go for a long walk on a sunny day! The language barrier poses a problem, though. I mean, how much do we really know about what thrills our pets? That’s where the folks at Nikon come in.

By strapping a Coolpix L31 camera to a precious pup by the name of Grizzler, they created a little window into the canine soul. This technology responds to elevations in heart rate and snaps photos whenever Grizzler starts getting excited, allowing us to get a taste of the little wonders that make his day.

Called “Heartography,” this process captures photos from a dog’s-eye view whenever Grizzler gets pumped. Here’s a little sampling of what he loves! Beautiful scenery? I feel you, man.

Who doesn’t love finding treasure?

Making friends is always a blast!

And it’s so much better when those newfound friendships are totally unexpected.

Mushrooms? I mean, whatever floats your boat, Grizz.

If you want to follow this adorable guy around for the day, check out more of his adventures below!

That’s so cool. What would your dog’s photos look like if you turned them into a photographer for the day? I’m pretty sure my pup’s collection would be very food-centric.

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Wolf Blitzer: What does it mean to be ‘pinned down?’; Update: More derpitude!/sunnyright/status/301453370391134208

As Twitchy reported, alleged murderer Chris Dorner is reportedly engaged in gunfight with police in Big Bear, California. Good thing CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s on top of it.

Breaking my cable news embargo for Dorner. Wolf Blitzer still absolutely awful anchoring breaking news. And Chris Cuomo…embargo reactivate

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) February 12, 2013

Real journalism, ladies and gentlemen.

Wolf Blitzer: you say he’s pinned down. Is he on the move?

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) February 12, 2013

Wolf Blitzer on CNN asks what it means to be “pinned down” .. Um… lol

— Jessica (@Miami_Jess) February 12, 2013

For example: “we don’t know what ‘pinned down’ means we will have to check on that” – Wolf Blitzer

— Sandcastell (@JakSandcastell) February 12, 2013

Hey, wolf blitzer- are you under the impression we are all so stupid that you need to explain what being ‘pinned down’ means for 10 minutes?

— Mr. Calvin (@mrcalvin) February 12, 2013

Wolf Blitzer doesn’t get out much: “What is a bunker buster? What does ‘pinned down’ mean? How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop?”

— Miguel (@tokenblaxican) February 12, 2013

But wait — there’s more!

Did Wolf Blitzer just say “areola pictures”?

— Mike Byhoff (@mbyhoff) February 12, 2013

To areola is Blitzerian …

hahaha Wolf Blitzer keeps saying Areola instead of Aerial

— Josh Jackson (@thejoshjackson) February 12, 2013

What a boob.

@jdharm Wolf Blitzer said areola on CNN news broadcast around 5:02 pm.

— Barrett Gribble (@WhoAteMyPizza) February 12, 2013

Good. Lord.

Wolf Blitzer just said “The areola view,” “What does pinned down mean?” and “It’s 2 pm, so it’ll be dark soon.” #WhatAreYouDoing

— Russ Novak (@Russ_Novak) February 12, 2013

Wolf’s cred’s in jeopardy, baby.


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HC orders age relaxation for appointment on compassionate grounds

Pulling up the School Education Department for not implementing its order for about seven years, the Madras High Court has directed officials to relax the age requirement for a woman, who was suppose

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