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17 Questions Everyone Has During Shamrock Shake Season




A seasonal minty ice cream shake with a touch of vanilla and just a wee little sprinkle of leprechaun tears. Happy tears, obviously. McDonald’s offers it in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.

2. What does it have to do with St. Patrick’s day?


It’s GREEN. Like… St. Patrick was?

3. How do they get it that color?!

It’s a St. Patrick’s Day secret.*

*(Food coloring.)

4. Isn’t it too cold to drink a milkshake this time of year?


5. How minty is it, really?

Artist Kitten-Kin of “Kitten-Kin’s Sandbox” / Via

It’s like if a mint plant gently kissed a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then both danced together on a cloud.

6. Wait, so it isn’t lime-flavored?


No, but it used to be!

7. Are you SURE? I’m tasting lime here.

TBH, people keep arguing about this and probably always will. It tastes like GREEN. Let’s just all agree on that.

8. Is mint lonely without chocolate?

Yes, very. Maybe try a Choc-rock Shake.

9. Is it OK to be totally weirded out by this color, though? I mean, it’s like. EXTREMELY GREEN.

It’s OK. It’s a pretty intense shade of green.

10. Will the Shamrock Shake clash with my outfit?

Maybe. This is why you must take care to accessorize accordingly. This milkshake isn’t for AMATEURS.

11. What if I added booze to it?

You’d be a hero. A drunken, dancing hero.

12. Can I make my own at home?

Sure. Here’s a recipe. There are a bunch!

13. Can I dip my fries into it?

You do you, boo.

14. Can I perhaps dip one or several cookies into it?

Yes. This is, in fact, a next-level genius move.

15. How do I know where to find it?


The same way everyone knows everything else: The Internet. Here’s a handy online shake tracker.

16. Why does this make me so happy?


17. What if I want Shamrock Shake to be my love forever?

Whoa there. Shamrock Shake can’t be tied down to one person. Shamrock Shake loves you, but it has to be free.

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These Babies Were Hilariously Hairy When They Were Born

When you think of babies, you probably picture a little guy or gal with a nice bald head, maybe some peach fuzz. But did you know that some babies are born with full heads of hair? You need to see these ridiculously hairy babies. They’re so adorable…but their ‘dos might also make you jealous.

No product needed.

This baby has Brooklyn hipsters beat.

He may only be two months old, but his blowout is on point.

This lil’ guy is WORKIN’ it!

“Big hair, don’t care.”

I think he’s surprised his little bro has better hair than him.

She’s pretty proud of her ‘do.

She knows the camera loves her…

Okay, someone get this baby an agent…stat!

“I woke up like this.”

Hair game: strong.

“When it comes to my hair, it’s serious business.”

Lincoln loves feeling the wind in his hair.

She slays.

“No photos, please.”

His hair is super freaky.

I wish my bed head looked this good.

He’s a natural.

Look at that pompadour.

That’s one full head of hair.

She knows you’re jealous of her hair…and it’s okay.

(via Bored Panda)

I’m sure there are a lot of bald men that are jealous of these amazing heads of hair. Actually, I’m sure there are men and women with thick, beautiful locks that are envious of these cuties, too!

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