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What Ted Cruz just said to Laura Ingraham about GOP ‘leadership’ will make you fist pump!

So, some people are loving how Senator Ted Cruz just nutshelled the problem with Republican “leadership.” The senator was a guest on Laura Ingraham’s radio show today.

And then this happened:


Double bam!

Yep. The craven need not apply.

Can you hear us now, GOP? This is the power of new media: We can make them listen. And we must; 2016 is too important not to.

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Railways signs agreement with Kerala government to develop rail infrastructure – Times of India

Railways minister Suresh Prabhu said that that Kerala has been neglected for too long and now concerted efforts are needed to develop its rail infrastructure. He said that railways has given maximum allocation to Kerala during 2014-15 to 2016-17.

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Comedienne who threatened to kick Malkin ‘in the nuts’ wants civility!/bellce/status/360156619545378818

On Monday, a group of Hollywood celebs met with President Obama to discuss shoring up support for Obamacare. One of those celebrities, actress/comedienne Aisha Tyler, got right to work the following day, tweeting about how awesome the law is going to be. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know much about health policy, and it showed.

When some conservatives pointed out Tyler’s misstatements, she doubled down. Here she is defending her false statement that “all studies” show that spending more on preventive care will reduce overall health care costs:!/aishatyler/status/360210847227854849

And she reminded people that she attended an Ivy League university:!/aishatyler/status/360080125049577473

And she lashed out at her conservative critics for being uncivil:!/aishatyler/status/360080503073816578

She’s all about the civility, as you can see:!/aishatyler/status/12373071886!/aishatyler/status/104020761341202433

This from a woman who once threatened to kick Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin “in the nuts”:

STEPHANIE MILLER PRODUCER: I’m not sure, which is worse, if he actually believes all the crap he [Limbaugh] says, or if it’s just an act?

AISHA TYLER: I actually felt that way about Ann Coulter. She says the most outrageous things and I think sometimes she says them because she knows they’re going to get on. (Miller interrupts)

STEPHANIE MILLER: Of course, of course.

TYLER: I don’t know. I can’t decide either because okay it’s theater, so maybe there’s some kind of sophistication involved.

MILLER: I knew her years ago. I’ve said this many times on the air. She at some point went ‘oh, I have to say crazier bleep to sell books.’

TYLER: Yeah, but now she’s being out-crazied by Michelle Malkin, who by the way, I would kick right in the nuts if I met her. [Miller and staff laughing]

So Michelle, don’t let me catch you at the Beverly Center cause right in the nut sack is where my foot’s going. Wear a cup, lady.

We didn’t attend an Ivy League university, but we do know a hypocrite when we see one.

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‘Fore more years’: Democrat plane banners equal comedy gold!/DLoesch/status/241190413879361537

Ha! As Twitchy reported, Democrats aren’t too good at that whole flying plane banners thing. Nor at spelling, evidently. First, they flew one proclaiming “America is better then birtherism.” Next, one shrieking that Romney and Ryan are “too extreme for woman.” That’s funny coming from people who evidently still speak like cavemen.’s Dana Loesch decided to kindly help out the Democrats with ideas for new banners.

Next Democrat plane banner: "WE NO LIKE UGOPPERS"

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) August 30, 2012

RT @UriBlago: @DLoesch Next Democrat banner: "A Three Letter Word: J-O-B-S" cc @woodhouseb

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) August 30, 2012

Joe Biden will speak LOLcat at the first VP debate. The banners already do.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) August 30, 2012

@DLoesch guess banner proofreader isint one of the #JobsObamaCreated

— Chuck Russell (@Russell1Chuck) August 30, 2012

And other citizens swiftly joined in. They are givers and all. Enter, #Demplanebanners!

@DLoesch I CAN HAZ BIRF KONTROLL? #DemPlaneBanners

— Low Info Buffalo (@DeadBuffaloBlog) August 30, 2012

@DLoesch We love Oiho!!! #DemPlaneBanners

— Big Mike Lewis (@bigmikelewis) August 30, 2012

Yes. Perhaps Democrats are simply following President Obama’s spelling lead?

@bigmikelewis @DLoesch #DemPlaneBanners Sweep the 57!

— Homegrown Patriot (@MaxTollensJr) August 30, 2012

Support Are Publlk Skools! #DemPlaneBanners (that's from @NolteNC )

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) August 30, 2012

#DemPlaneBanners Younions are four u!

— Taxi Mom (@Taximom4ever) August 30, 2012

@NolteNC YOO DIDENT BILD THAT! #DemPlaneBanners #lnyhbt #tcot #gop2012

— Low Info Buffalo (@DeadBuffaloBlog) August 30, 2012

Eat moar dawg! #DemPlaneBanners

— Tim Wells (@RoninNerd) August 30, 2012

@DLoesch #DemPlaneBanners Still Bushes Falt.

— Kevin Coons (@KevCoons) August 30, 2012

Ryan be Evel! #DemPlaneBanners

— King Conservative (@ConservativKing) August 30, 2012

LOL! RT @DRussell76: Keep government out of my virginia! #DemPlaneBanners

— robert (@ProgressiveAle) August 30, 2012

@DLoesch DEMAND RESPECT!! (plane shaped like a vagina) #DemPlaneBanners

— The Angry Rob (@TheAngryRob) August 30, 2012

Oh, our sides! Will Code Pink enter the plane banner mix? Garbed in vagina costumes … again?

Protect are teachers! #DemPlaneBanners

— Denise Russell (@DRussell76) August 30, 2012

Vote Obama on November 2nd! #DemPlaneBanners @DLoesch

— Tim Wells (@RoninNerd) August 30, 2012

Michelle Obama already instructed supporters to do just that. Whoops!

And, win.

Fore more years! #DemPlaneBanners

— Denise Russell (@DRussell76) August 30, 2012

Keep them coming, Twitter!

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