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No, Sarah Palin didn’t write a white supremacist slogan in a post about Trump’s Poland speech

The blue check mark brigade lost their collective s*** today after this tweet showed up on Sarah Palin’s timeline:

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Conspiracy Theorists Are At It Again — This Time It’s About Friday’s Black Moon

Well, folks, it looks like we need to get all our affairs in order…again.

If you believe that Friday’s black moon will bring about the end of the world, that is. According to some Christians and conspiracy theorists, we could meet our end this week.

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On September 30, the illuminated side of the moon will be completely covered by the Earth’s shadow, erasing it from our view for a short period of time. Though this happens almost every three years, people believe that because this phenomenon is paired with another celestial event, the world will cease to exist.

At the beginning of September, the moon fell in line with Earth and the sun just above Africa, creating a “ring of fire” in a spectacular solar eclipse. These two activities happening in the same month has caused people to believe that the apocalypse is coming.

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Some Christians are convinced that these moon phases will fulfill a prophecy from the Bible regarding the end of times.


According to the aptly named Signs of End Times website, chapter 24:29 in the Book of Matthew predicted these events:

“Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.”

Express even reported that one Facebook user went as far to say, “Those signs are letting us know that Jesus is soon coming. We are approaching the end of our world and the end of life on Earth for all human beings. Every day, we have to come closer to our saviour Jesus Christ, for none can escape for what is coming for the Earth.”


I wouldn’t start giving away all your stuff just yet, though — scientists are saying that there’s no reason to be afraid and that nothing out of the ordinary will happen during or after the black moon event.


What a relief! I was so worried about my impending doom.

In all seriousness, though, this should be a beautiful sight to witness. The moon will be visible in the Western Hemisphere, so if you’re in North or South America or in parts of Western Europe, you’ll likely be able to see it in action.

It will reach its peak at 20:11 Eastern Time in the U.S. and at 01:11 on Saturday morning in the U.K. Will you be watching?

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Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

-Selena, have you ever seen the show on YouTube called “Hot Ones”? -No. -On the show — it’s a great show, it’s really funny — you eat spicy chicken wings that get hotter as you go, all while answering questions about yourself. -I’m going to regret this. -No, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think we should try it right now. -All right, let’s do it, yes. -Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the host of “Hot Ones,” Sean Evans, right there! Thank you for being here. I’m a fan.

Please, thank you for this, and please take it easy on us. -All right. Well, thank you so much for having me. We’re doing “Hot Ones” live here. But don’t worry, there’s no reason to be nervous. If it gets too spicy for you, you can always hit the milk. But, Jimmy, I noticed, where’s your glass? No cup? -Oh, yeah. No, I don’t — Well, I do have a cup, but since it’s “The Tonight Show,” I don’t — we don’t mess around here. So can someone bring out my cup of milk? -Where’s his cup? -Yeah, this is, uh — That is the actual Stanley Cup right there. That is the actual — That is the real deal Stanley Cup. Thank you, Stanley. And it is filled with milk. -Filled with milk? -That was supposed to be filled with water. Okay, good. But it’s filled with milk just in case we need it. But, you’re saying you don’t really need it. Is that what you’re saying? -Well, we’re doing an abbreviated version of the show, and we’re going to start kind of mild with Los Calientes.

But I’m going to be honest with you guys, it’s a very steep ramp up. We very rapidly get to the last dab of hot sauce, more than 400 times hotter than a jalapeño. So with that in mind, are you ready to dig in? -Yeah. -Yeah, okay. So we just go with this one? -This one, right? No? -I think you’re at the end of the paddle. And then we’ll all — -That looks way hotter, though.

-You have pieces of pepper and stuff hanging in there. I’ve seen the show, you should eat the whole thing? -If you’re down to commit. -Oh, yeah. I’m down. -These are good. -Okay, mild. That’s good. You can handle spicy? You can do that? -It’s not bad. -All right, Jimmy, my first question is for you, because as I understand it, a few years ago, you did a segment called “Cooler Heads” with James Franco. And there was this gag where they were supposed to take a bucket of fake Buffalo sauce and dump it over your head. But because of a production mix up, it ended up being real hot sauce? -Yes. Very real. -Really? -Oh, my gosh, it was unbelievable. I don’t know — That person is no longer working at the show. He dumped real Buffalo wing sauce all over my head and we finished the thing, and I’m like, “That was great!” And then I just started feeling a tingling on my face and on my back, it went down the back of my shirt.

And my whole face was kind of scarred from cayenne pepper. And I took a shower in milk. -It’s always a professional liability when you are working with extremely hot sauce. I know that better than anyone. Are you guys ready to move on here to the Wiltshire Chilli Farm sauce, featuring Trinidad Scorpion? For many years, the hottest pepper in the world? -Oh, great. -Trinidad Scorpion. ♪♪ Okay, that’s something. That’s something there. I’m feeling something. I feel something. -It’s actually not bad. -Really? -Selena’s rocking it. -Really? -Make some noise for Selena. -Really? You’re not freaking out? -Unh-unh. -My tongue — something is happening. -All right, Selena, this question is for you. From eating pizza crust and fried pickles, your food preferences very much bear the mark of somebody who does not apologize for what she likes. So with that in mind, can you explain the enduring allure of dining out at Hooters? -Well, initially it was to — -You can just get right to the end of the story. -Okay. -Whoo-hoo! Oh, God! Trinidad Scorpion. Are you serious? -Initially, it was because my dad wanted to hit on hot girls.

-Ah. -but then, I just — I don’t know — I enjoy the fried pickles, the shrimp, the butter. -Uh, yeah, that’s good. -It’s good. -Great menu. Great menu. -Could not have said it better myself. All right. -Oh, no. -Right? Are you feeling this? -I think I am now. -Now you’re feeling it. -Well, for people who watch “Hot Ones,” this is the moment they’ve been waiting for. This next wing is Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity It is a ride. -Wha– -Selena, you’re awesome, cheers. -Cheers. ♪♪ -Sizing it up. ♪♪ -You’re crying. You’re crying. Oh, my God. -What the hell? -So this sauce is just all about survival right now. We’re just trying to survive this segment.

On our show we have a recurring segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” where we have our guests explain their Instagram pictures. – -So can we put it up? Do you remember this selfie, and what the heck is in your teeth? -I don’t remember anything right now. -You were — what was it –? -This is horrible. -Aah! What was in it? Gum? Do I have to finish all of this? No disrespect, right? -It was gum! It was gum! -Oh, my gosh.

Okay. I think it was gum or lipstick or something. Oh, my God. -From four years ago, what a memory. What a memory. All right, you probably wonder why I’m shaking up this bottle. This is the last dab. We call it the last dab because it’s tradition to put a little extra on the last wing. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. -Oh, my God. ♪♪ My nose is running. ♪♪ All right. I got you. Oh. Oh, gosh. Ooh! Oh. All right. -All right. Bottoms up. ♪♪ -All right, you guys have had… -I hate it! -…so many iconic moments on “The Tonight Show” together. But now it’s time to put another chapter in the history books. We’ll do a name that impression game.

Jimmy, all you have to do is ad lib three impressions. And, Selena, all you have to do is try to guess the impression. – Ugh, I just want to say who I’m doing. Uh…my gosh. Geez, like, Sandy, I swear to God, I can’t believe this. I can’t even do an impression. It’s killing me. Just say John Travolta. -John Travolta. -John Travolta. – Oh, my God. You’re crying, just please say Pee-Wee Herman. -How is that Pee-Wee Herman? -Look at you crying. Just one more. -Why do you do this to people? -We’re stuck here together. -You’re an evil, evil man. You’re a sick, evil man. And how are you not crying? Wait, you haven’t eaten your wings! Oh, my gosh. Last one. I haven’t even touched it yet. Oh, my gosh. Hey, hey. There’s nothing in that. -What are you doing?! -Adam Sandler. -Thank you, say Adam Sandler. Just say Adam Sandler. -It is Adam Sandler! Oh, my gosh. Does that even help? Ugh! Can you just do the outro for me? I can’t even talk. -Yes.

Hey, don’t go anywhere. “The Tonight Show” will be right back with more Selena Gomez. Don’t go anywhere. ♪♪ .

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‘No obligation’: Hugh Hewitt helps libs understand what the Constitution doesn’t say about SCOTUS confirmations

Former advisor to President Obama Austan Goolsbee tried to mock the “strict constitutionalists” for not wanting to take action on a Supreme Court nominee by President Obama in his lame duck year. Radio host Hugh Hewitt was able to assist Goolsbee and others on the Left in understanding exactly what the Constitution says and does *not* say about the timing on nomination confirmations.

And on the question of Reagan’s nomination of Justice Anthony Kennedy:

Stay tuned to see how Obama and the Senate proceed from here.

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Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea. Caffeine Free – Keto Diet – Gluten Free Herbal Tea Cleanse Supplement with Senna – Liver Detox Cleanse for Weight Loss – Colon Cleanse Sleep Tea Paleo – 25 Sealed Teabags

Gentle Detox Cleanse Weight Loss Tea cleanses waste and purifies the body while increasing the metabolism. This herbal tea promotes weight loss and digestion by promoting an environment where healthy bacteria can grow and flourish. Total Tea was originally only available from Doctors and Chiropractors but recently has been made available to the public. Keto Diet Friendly Gluten Free Tea!

Total Tea doesn’t contain green tea or caffeine, so it is a safe sleep tea to drink at night, unlike many other detox teas. Total Tea is a dietary and immunity booster. It detoxifies, soothes, and cleanses the digestive tract. Many customers claim that they sleep better and have less stress after using our teatox.

Boost your energy levels naturally without caffeine or chemicals because our detox tea is all natural. Additionally, Total Tea contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and is Gluten Free and Kosher Certified. It is a great detox tea for men and women. Detox and colon cleanse naturally and gently!

Reduce bloating with this slim tea. Tired of feeling full? Total Tea helps get the junk out of the trunk. Senna is a powerful natural laxative that helps mobilize any undigested food in your body to get you feeling better and on your way in no time! Customers say that Total Tea tastes great, unlike most herbal teas!

Anti Inflammatory Tea – Gentle Detox Tea contains 10 key ingredients that each play a vital role in reducing inflammation in the entire digestive tract. Most teas simply reduce water weight. Total Tea actually contains ingredients that help remove toxins from the digestive system to improve your diet & exercise. Best Groceries.

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Top 20 tweets on Hines Ward’s retirement!/RichGannon12/status/182144305064984576

On Tuesday, legendary Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward decided to retire from the sport he loves. The Steelers no longer wanted the 36-year-old and apparently no other teams were interested either. That’s why no. 86 chose to retire with the team he has played with his entire professional career instead of becoming a bench-warmer for a losing team.

Many people have mixed feelings on whether Ward should be a hall of famer or not, but whether you love him or hate him you have to respect him.

As a Browns fan it has been an honor to mock, jeer, flip off, throw things at and spit on Hines Ward during his playing days.

— Dave Borcas (@DaveBorcas) March 20, 2012

Hines Ward probably was the best blocking receiver ever #respect

— Quarren (@QuarrenDeonce) March 20, 2012

Hines Ward is a total and complete classy guy.

— chris faulkner (@chrisfaulkner) March 20, 2012

i hate the steelers, but Hines Ward is one of the last players of an era. He will surely be missed.

— ___ (@that716kid) March 20, 2012

All LBs and DBs from other teams defenses can exhale. Hines Ward has retired. #SteelersNation

— Evil Mike Tomlin (@EvilMikeTomlin) March 20, 2012

Hines Ward is out of the NFL!! All bengals fans…rejoice!!

— Chad johnson (@gogreen_18) March 20, 2012

Loved watching Hines Ward play. He was an amazing player and I have a ton of respect for the guy. #legend

— Brock Burwell (@b_rock24) March 20, 2012

Hines Ward Steelers retiring -just spoke to The Bus Jerome Bettis who will be @ press conference. Says he wants to pay tribute to his buddy.

— Dick Vitale (@DickieV) March 20, 2012

Hines ward you were a legend and the league will miss you.

— Todd Huber (@superhuber17) March 20, 2012!/heycorey12/status/182144457741840384

Hines Ward WAS the reason you were taught to play with your head in a swivel.

— Manny McLovin (@MannyC_LMG) March 20, 2012

So glad HINES WARD future HOF retired as a STEELER AKA STILLER

— Ike Taylor (@Ike_SwagginU) March 20, 2012

Hines Ward, best pulling guard to ever play Wr

— trey wingo (@wingoz) March 20, 2012

Hines Ward retires as the toughest that's ever been on the receiving end of a pass from Big Ben, just ahead of the girl in the bar bathroom.

— Not Bill Walton (@NotBillWalton) March 20, 2012

Hines Ward definitely deserves a spot in Canton, for reasons that exceed 140 characters. But the wait will be long. #halloffame

— Jim Trotter (@JimTrotter_NFL) March 20, 2012

Gonna miss seeing Hines ward in @nfl hard hitter and a heck of a receiver one of the best ever

— Chris Rye (@Chrisrye88) March 20, 2012

Mixed feelings about Hines Ward retiring….. I don't want to see him with any other team, but I don't think his time was up.

— Jacqueline Herrera (@TheLadyHerrera) March 20, 2012

Glad to see Hines Ward retire as a Steeler. You were truly one of the best Steelers of all time.

— Vikas Gill (@VikasGill_1) March 20, 2012

The only reason Hines Ward gets into the Hall of Fame is because he was a Steeler. Because EVERY Steeler gets in. It's the law.

— Bart Hubbuch (@HubbuchNYP) March 20, 2012

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You’ve Believed These 14 Myths About Your Body For Years. But You’re Totally Wrong.

You know you’re not supposed to believe everything you hear, but sometimes we all get a little gullible. Myths and old wives tales about our bodies have been around for ages telling us things that seem to make sense, but are totally false. And new myths pop up every day. Take a look at some of these before telling someone the not-so-gospel truth.

1. Despite what your mom told you, crossing your eyes won’t get your face stuck that way.

2. Reading in the dark won’t ruin your eyesight. In the dark your eyes will switch from using their cones to their rods making it more difficult.

3. Chomping down on carrots like Bugs Bunny won’t make your eyes any stronger.

4. We use more than ten percent of our brains. We use all we have, just not all at once.

5. Swallowing gum doesn’t take 7 years to digest. It passes through just like the pennies or toy soldiers you gobbled up as a tot.

6. You can’t determine the gender of a pregnant woman’s baby based on how high or low its carried. The 50/50 chance makes it easy odds to believe, but it just isn’t true.

7. Getting the plaque professionally scraped from your teeth won’t loosen your teeth. In fact, it’s the opposite!

8. A cold shower won’t actually dampen your libido. The shock might distract you for a bit, but that’s all.

9. Women aren’t the only ones with ticking biological clocks. While men remain fertile their whole life, the quality decreases with age.

10. Cutting your hair won’t make it grow faster. It may seem like it, but hair grows at the same rate regardless.

11. Cracking your knuckles won’t cause arthritis. Just annoy your friends.

12. Eating after 8:00 pm doesn’t make a difference in weight gain. You metabolize things exactly the same, so cutting down on night time snacking just saves you the calories.

13. There are a million theories to get rid of the hiccups, but you really can’t scare them out of someone.

14. There is no such thing as a safe tan. UVA rays in tanning beds are just as harmful as UVB.

H/T: MSN Healthy Living. Definitely changes things for me! Pass along the enlightenment and share with your friends below.

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