Five Excellent Nutrition Apps

Not everyone was born with that precision attuned appetite featuring cravings that lead them to healthy food choices without fail. For many of us, a trip to the supermarket can mean confusion and unhealthy temptations. If this sounds like you, rejoice, there is a software solution that reduces all the doubt and can take you right to the foods you need for balancing proper nutrition against the efforts required and even making room for dessert.

Woman Looking At Health Monitoring App On SmartphoneWe have put together some of the best nutrition apps available. Each of these apps adds a professional expensive to make the best selection for things that should be included in the diet.

1. MyFitnessPal for Making Instant Calorie Counts

My fitness pal is the best nutrition apps for those looking to ensure their calorie expenditure doesn’t exceed their calorie intake. This is important in making an effort to drop extra pounds as well as in fine-tuning athletic performance.

One nice thing about this option is how customizable it is to the specific dietary needs of the individual. If you are looking to reduce fats, for example, you will receive an alert when you have exceeded your recommended limit.

2. Food Tripping for Finding Healthy Establishments

While there are goodies of all types when you are looking for eateries, not all of them provide anything healthier than a typical burger and fries. For those looking to eat healthy in a wide variety of locations across the map, Food Tripping is the best thing for you. You can enter in a route that you will be traveling and get a readout of the names and locations of some fine establishments with menus befitting your specific diet needs. Food Tripping will also include the names and locations of health food stores along the way.

3. Fooducate for Decoding Food Labels

Nutrition labels are meant to give you a better idea of what you are eating, but when they contain 14 syllable words and other jawbreaker names, they really aren’t demystifying anything. IF you need to know if your fruit juice option has any other than fruit juice, the Fooducate app will alert you with a red exclamation point.

4. Ingredient1 to find the products that fit in your dietary plan

Dietary restrictions can be especially tricky when navigating the supermarket aisles and trying to avoid certain products that can throw the health in a tailspin. Ingredient 1 is the best app for people with special needs diets. Whether you are allergic to certain dairy products, have a gluten sensitivity or any other condition that makes you sensitive to a specific food type the app will help you to locate the food products you need and want and even point out locations offering the best alternatives for you.

5. EWG’s Food Sources for Healthy Food Choices in an Instant

Working off a database of over 80,000 products commonly found in the locations nearest you, this app provides you with a readout of the ingredients, nutrition, and rate of processing for each food item. By keeping an eye on the numbers provided, all foods are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, it is easier to make informed decisions when selecting your food items.

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