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State Dept. wants hackers but feeling isn’t mutual!/YourAnonNews/status/478359332732829696

Heh. Suspicious hackers are suspicious.!/JonEthan_Lemon/status/478350049102286848

Fishackathon? That’s what they came up with?

Someone at State isn’t really clear on what a “hacker” really is.!/back_ttys/status/478350748758327296



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This terrifying college football mascot will make a baby cry [photo]!/ostateboys/status/505727206904299520

Oklahoma State came up short last night against top-ranked Florida State, but the Cowboys’ mascot, Pistol Pete, takes a back seat to none other when it comes to being terrifying.!/dalhorn85/status/505745214565126144!/St4rW4rsN3rd/status/505852160157179904!/darjohn68/status/505768540109283328


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‘Utter insanity’: ‘Bigger oppressor of women than the burka’ discovered!/GOPMommy/status/512226474129375232

look at the utter insanity of the hard left

— jack tinker (@jacktink) September 17, 2014

Want to know what’s really oppressive?

I regard heterosexual marriage as a much more important feminist issue and bigger oppressor of women than the burka.

— Catherine Deveny (@CatherineDeveny) September 16, 2014

There are no words.

OK, there are some words:

In which @CatherineDeveny makes a terrible case for feminism —->

— Amy (@moderncomments) September 17, 2014

Umm, wow. RT @moderncomments: In which @CatherineDeveny makes a terrible case for feminism —->

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) September 17, 2014

.@CatherineDeveny Will you marry me?

— The Real Bepo (D) (@TheRealBepo) September 17, 2014

Head spinning:“@CatherineDeveny: I regard heterosexual marriage as much mr imprtnt feminist issue & bigger oppressor of wmn than the burka.”

— Sabrina Schaeffer (@SL_Schaeffer) September 17, 2014

In her defense, the reason she thinks that is because she's an idiot.

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) September 17, 2014


— NORMAL AMERICAN MAN (@renomarky) September 17, 2014

@CatherineDeveny <–Should spend some time in Iran or Syria telling people about how oppressed women are in America. .@cmahar3

— Get off my lawn. (@javaguysammckee) September 17, 2014

I suppose @CatherineDeveny that female genital mutilation frees women of the burdens of enjoying heterosexual sex too?

— David Atherton (@DaveAtherton20) September 17, 2014

@CatherineDeveny @blackrepublican Your head is stuck in a biologically inappropriate orifice. Marriage is love; burka is oppression

— Papa Dog (@eclectichorzman) September 17, 2014

@CatherineDeveny I would get right on letting my husband know, but he's too busy making my dinner.

— the oracle (@CrystalContempt) September 17, 2014

*eyeroll" @CatherineDeveny: I regard heterosexual marriage as a more important feminist issue and bigger oppressor of women than the burka.”

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) September 17, 2014

i RTed this and then realized you're not a comedy account. I'm a little confused by your misrepresentation @CatherineDeveny

— Merican Mainer (@MericanMainer) September 17, 2014

@CatherineDeveny It's early yet, but this in in serious contention for the dumbest tweet today. Here's your sign.

— lifebythecreek (@lifebythecreek) September 17, 2014

Maybe, but the day is far from over.

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‘Did T-Bone tell you about that’? Cory Booker gets zinged over this advice!/massSNAFU/status/519917743068700672

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker probably thought he was dropping a shiny pearl of wisdom on his Twitter followers with this piece of advice:

"You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to."

— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) October 8, 2014

Unfortunately for him, T-Bone has a tendency to linger on the palate:

Or provide evidence for everything you claim to be true. RT @CoryBooker: "You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to."

— Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) October 8, 2014

Did T-Bone tell you about that quote? RT @CoryBooker "You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to."

— RB (@RBPundit) October 8, 2014




Stick a fork in him: Cory Booker gets busted for lying about imaginary thug friend T-Bone

‘Nation’s most trusted’: Rep. Steve Stockman comes to hilarious defense of Cory Booker’s imaginary friend ‘T-Bone’

‘Did T-Bone tell you to say that?’: Lying liar Cory Booker says ‘authenticity is critical’

‘T-Bone’ and Cory Booker defeat Steve Lonegan for New Jersey US Senate seat

Full Twitchy coverage of Cory Booker

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‘WRONG!’ Hillary Clinton ‘climate change’ claim crushed in one pic!/JerryHarte/status/447642814113775616

Sigh. So, that happened.!/CaplanComms/status/447736685078790144

Oh really, Hillary? Guess again.!/JunkScience/status/447765044814548993

Reality Bam.!/pnicastro1/status/447810231372767232


Plus, this:!/Donnam8470Donna/status/447801342430425088


Twitchy coverage of Hillary Clinton

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Martha MacCallum has question for (Bonus: Stunning new pics)!/marthamaccallum/status/409093637754982400

Zing! What’s wrong with debacle known as This Twitter user has the answer:!/russell19776/status/409107787177005056


Once again Fox News’ Martha MacCallum cut right to the chase. Beautiful brain power! Speaking of beauty, MacCallum also shared some new gorgeous photos with her Twitter followers.!/marthamaccallum/status/409010977355493377!/anthropocon/status/409011194171641857

Yep. Stunning!!/RickCargo/status/409404822111023104!/johnnydollar01/status/409006236885991424

Double thumbs up again, Ms. McCallum! Keep the truth-booms, snark and beautiful photos coming.


‘Beautiful brain power!’ Guess who Laura Ingraham ran into at cocktail party [photo]

Full Twitchy coverage of Martha MacCallum

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Ed Schultz goes full jackwagon: Republicans are politicizing ‘Berghazi’!/AG_Conservative/status/473590862962638848

Another smart and classy MSNBC take on the Bowe Bergdahl swap:!/Tyler_McNally/status/473570353407877120

According to Ed Schultz, “the real story” is about “fear-mongering” Republicans like Canadian Ted Cruz from Canadian Canada trying to “make President Obama look bad.” Just another “phony scandal” like Benghazi. Bonus: “There’s nothing American about Ted Cruz.”!/Lindarsey/status/473572905402769408!/Biffspeaks/status/473666611501473792!/lightning7876/status/473658641883480064!/amandacarpenter/status/473804188556992512

Hey, Ed:!/lachlan/status/473570732312895488


‘Most dishonest tweet ever’: Chris Hayes shredded for question about ‘right-wing’ reaction to Bergdahl story

‘This stinks’: James Rosen reports US intel community has ‘major classified file’ on Bowe Bergdahl

More Twitchy coverage of the Bergdahl case

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‘Amazing!’ Hobby Lobby family met in private audience with Pope Francis!/freedom2marry/status/450675651105026048

Lauren Green McAfee, a member of the family that owns Hobby Lobby, revealed on Twitter that this morning, she was part of a private audience with Pope Francis:!/LaurenAMcAfee/status/450636215176675328

A once-in-a-lifetime moment.!/drmoore/status/450636391743897600

So do we!!/HolySpiritMims/status/450640619078451200



Related: Twitchy coverage of Hobby Lobby

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‘They’re #1!’ Bin Laden is dead — and GM’s getting closer to joining him!/cvpayne/status/483686737949237248

Well, actually, some media outlets put that number at over 8 million cars. But who’s counting?!/michellemalkin/status/483684359036096513!/michellemalkin/status/483685274350661633

It’s nice to be good at something. If there’s one thing the government can do well, it’s deliver on its promises!!/OrwellForks/status/483686875912101889

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Groundhog Day? Surprise! Guess what topic Melissa Harris-Perry covered!/cbarrow1973/status/455351417419878400

Yep. And it never ends. Guess what topic was just discussed on Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC show.!/MHPshow/status/455338527254126592


Blogger Caleb Howe summed it up:!/CalebHowe/status/455365754855378945


Author Lindsey C. Holmes didn’t like that apt assessment.!/lindseycholmes/status/455366933412859904

There are no words. Except for “bless your heart.”

Non-bless-your-hearty Twitter users mocked like the wind.!/baldingschemer/status/455366333320790016!/MGpete0331/status/455366295463018496

Well, we have a nit to pick there: The Left does. You see, they only see color. Isn’t that racist? And they do seek to turn women into helpless victims reliant on Big Daddy Government, which does attempt to push women down.

The idiot part is correct, though. In case you needed more proof of that, here is the latest Melissa Harris-Perry idiocy:!/mecca72/status/455364503790960640

Idiocy? Confirmed!

What’s next for MSNBC?!/HeavensLane/status/455372603231064065

Heh. But wait! There’s always this:!/CalebHowe/status/455383204284096513


Twitchy coverage of Melissa Harris-Perry

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