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Dana Perino has ‘mixed emotions,’ but this sign suits NYC perfectly [pic]!/mrpeter63/status/449610122705522689

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to do away with horse-drawn carriages. “The Five” cohost Dana Perino recently spotted some citizens who clearly aren’t on-board with the mayor’s plan:!/DanaPerino/status/449609731964170240


Inquiring minds wanna know.!/DanaPerino/status/449613047767003136

OK, scratch that. Maybe they don’t wanna know.

Well anyway, one thing’s for sure: NYC is the perfect place for that sign.!/LibertarianKirk/status/449611758689198080!/hplem/status/449610931639967745

That’s more like it!



Twitchy coverage of Dana Perino

Twitchy coverage of Bill de Blasio

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‘LOL’: Launch of Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias venture sponsored by G.E.!/redsteeze/status/442802719498452992

In January, liberal blogger Ezra Klein, formerly of the Washington Post, promised a “new way of delivering the news.” That “new way” is ready for launch, as announced by Klein and Slate’s Matt Yglesias, who will serve as executive editor of Vox:!/mattyglesias/status/442793904979447808!/voxdotcom/status/442793726876737536

The best part?!/kendall/status/442794215320604672!/redsteeze/status/442801892184571904

The launch sponsor is General Electric. Both Klein and Yglesias have blasted a system that offers corporations like G.E. major tax loopholes. But if the surplus is invested in the “proper” venture, apparently they’re willing to look the other way.!/putneydm/status/442803785543725056!/kevkevkevkevin/status/442798521586941952!/mrcalvin/status/442796077012361216

Yglesias also used General Electric as an example of “terrible” corporate behavior in a December column titled “Dividends are Evil.”

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‘Just WOW!’ Sen. Mike Lee’s shocking display of fed regulations [pic]!/goqivana/status/422207618183360512

WOW indeed. Take a gander at the photo of the 2013 Federal Register and its 80,000 pages of federal regulations via Sen. Lee’s Facebook page:


Citizens on Twitter also voiced their disbelief, anger and frustration.

In a nutshell:

And an exit plea to Sen. Lee:

Amen. Keep fighting the good fight, senator.


Whoa: Sen. McConnell tweets shocking photo of the 20,000 pages of Obamacare regulations

Twitchy coverage of Sen. Mike Lee

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Man says he was denied care despite signing up with Covered California!/AndrewEdwardsCA/status/419283966466600960

A Long Beach, Calif., man held a one-person protest this week, saying he was denied health care even though he signed up for health insurance through Covered CA, the state’s Obamacare insurance exchange.

Andrew Edwards is a reporter for the Long Beach Press-Telegram.!/AndrewEdwardsCA/status/419284362358579200!/AndrewEdwardsCA/status/419284994020757504

He’s not alone there.!/AndrewEdwardsCA/status/419284513118625792


Covered California has interesting advice for enrollees who haven’t been invoiced

Thwarted consumers vent about problems with Covered California’s website

Covered, California? Frustrated users reporting error messages as deadline looms

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Ron Fournier: For the record, nobody is panicking about Ebola!/ron_fournier/status/525471338828685313

Ron Fournier, a reporter for National Journal, makes a good point. So far, Americans have been much more alarmed by the Obama administration’s incompetence in dealing with Ebola than by the Ebola virus itself.


If this is the strongest evidence of “panic” that can be found, then that only reinforces Fournier’s point.

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WH glad O-care discourages working; MacCallum destroys with one question!/brianjameswalsh/status/431055711901327360

And it’s totally good news, guys! According to the lying liars who lie in the Obama administration, at least. More from Hot Air:

I’m done, guys. If we’ve reached the stage of welfare-state decadence where it’s a selling point for a new entitlement that it discourages able-bodied people from working, there’s no reason to keep going. We’ve lost, decisively.

As a great man once said, remember me as I am — filled with murderous rage.

Yep. The shake fisty is strong with this one.

As Twitchy reported, lapdogs over at HuffPo jumped in to wag their tails and further the absurd spin. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum is no lapdog. As always, she has cut right to the chase with a truth bomb.


It’s not funny, because it’s true!

And this Twitter user puts it in a nutshell:



‘Pelosi-level stupid’: HuffPo reporter says Obamacare will set millions of workers ‘free’

Heh: Is this how Obama and his lapdogs will explain CBO’s ugly Obamacare projections?

‘Are you really this stupid?’ Dizzy HuffPo editor spins CBO’s lousy Obamacare estimates

Cool it, America: Jay Carney says freedom ain’t nothin’ but a ‘buzzword’

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Michelle Malkin and friends coach Jan Schakowsky through ramen crisis [photos]!/watchdog_jedi/status/492414418538758144

As Twitchy reported, Rep. Jan Schakowsky is roughing it in order to learn how to #LiveTheWage. Among the items on her menu for the week were ramen noodles. The horror. The horror!

Not surprisingly, Schakowsky’s culinary woes didn’t garner much sympathy from many Americans, who routinely pepper their diets with stuff like ramen. But Michelle Malkin is nothing if not a giver, and after offering a peek at her own oh-so-paltry pantry:!/michellemalkin/status/492406150462070784

She asked followers to share their ramen recipes with the disillusioned Dem:!/michellemalkin/status/492409993707008000

Malkin received plenty of worthy submissions:!/ashtenthinks/status/492407286418006016!/marcely034/status/492410598555009024!/johnnyfriegas/status/492416727800483840!/ProudoftheUSA/status/492421862953992193!/MikeWerk/status/492426023645220864!/Walter_Lucas872/status/492412156202057729

Creativity is key, Jan.!/Tomhf1466/status/492405844340789248

You can do it!

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Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, posts photos of his awesome bicep bruise!/jasoninthehouse/status/490205875567886336


That was two days ago. Here’s the same arm last night:!/jasoninthehouse/status/490713125411635200

Yikes! Tweeters can’t decide if they’re more impressed by the bruise or the muscle.!/CO2isAwesome/status/490713498125860865!/truebornpatriot/status/490714118609838080!/KBella11/status/490717607042224128!/CaliCard1/status/490723022068645889!/Chris_Hadrick/status/490713612802359296

Heh. That last one is a reference to this.!/jasoninthehouse/status/490716702502813697

Poor guy. He’s so injured he can barely tweet.


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David Sirota hopelessly outmatched in battle of wits with Greg Gutfeld!/jakester451/status/504454375470039040

No one of substance. Just another liberal talking head who is best known for his lame Twitter avatar.!/davidsirota/status/504397981756313600

Oh … um … snap?!/greggutfeld/status/504453085834797056

At this point in the contest a quality opponent would fire back with a witty rejoinder, preferably in the style established with the first salvo. David Sirota on the other hand opted for this.!/davidsirota/status/504455222693867520



Biting the lower lip is what really ups the intimidation factor here.!/davidsirota/status/504456530746286080

Really overdoing it with that mock stutter there, Dave.!/davidsirota/status/504456702280757248!/stockmatt/status/504457328301600768

Maybe if you try it once more, it will be funny this time.!/davidsirota/status/504457435789017091




Twitchy coverage of David Sirota

Twitchy coverage of Greg Gutfeld

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State Dept. wants hackers but feeling isn’t mutual!/YourAnonNews/status/478359332732829696

Heh. Suspicious hackers are suspicious.!/JonEthan_Lemon/status/478350049102286848

Fishackathon? That’s what they came up with?

Someone at State isn’t really clear on what a “hacker” really is.!/back_ttys/status/478350748758327296



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