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Verdicts reached in trial of former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen!/PostRoz/status/507595498564227072

Brief background on the corruption trial of the former Republican governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, and his wife Maureen:

Bob and Maureen McDonnell are charged in a 14-count federal indictment with accepting more than $165,000 in gifts, trips and loan from Jonnie Williams, former CEO of dietary supplements maker Star Scientific Inc., in exchange for special favors.

The seven-man, five-woman jury heard from dozens of witnesses and reviewed a mountain of exhibits over the past five weeks.

The verdicts have been reached:!/PostRoz/status/507604822866927616!/NBCKatie/status/507614683885359104

Sentencing is scheduled for early January:!/kathrynw5/status/507607308617007104

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to include an additional tweet.

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‘Armed and dangerous’: Have you seen this San Fran man wanted by FBI? [photos]!/CDeBenedetti/status/473206269411479555

This is Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II. He’s wanted by the FBI in connection with a Bay Area raid that uncovered a cache of explosives this weekend.!/MikePeltonKRON4/status/473165216872529920!/JohnSasaki1/status/472834878338523136!/JohnSasaki1/status/472806111398346752!/katieutehs/status/472968236573937664

Who is this guy?!/pspoole/status/473476767403884544!/SFGate/status/473301787269529600

Keep your eyes peeled.!/DavidBegnaud/status/473210305263058945

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Progs of pallor alert! CNN ‘milks’ Megyn Kelly white Jesus, Santa kerfuffle!/HipHopSince1986/status/411660457968037888

Oh yes. Over and over.

As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly explained her Santa and Jesus “are white” comments. But CNN will not let it go. Obsessed much?!/jbouie/status/411577262933544960!/chrisgeidner/status/411580278801321984

Oooh, edgy! Sigh.!/amandaaapleease/status/412254862664290304!/itsRennishaa_/status/411895640784764928

It is still being discussed on CNN.!/dhk175/status/412212089713741824


How long will it continue?!/GaltsGirl/status/412274465158885376


A suggestion for CNN:!/moxiemom/status/412274687205310464

Boom. Another progressives of pallor alert!

Here’s another idea:!/redsteeze/status/412275713950355456


But, another controversy will surely arise:!/JohnEkdahl/status/412092013782523904

Stay tuned!


‘Lost on the humorless’: Megyn Kelly defends ‘Santa just is white’ comment 

Stick a fork in him: Cory Booker gets busted for lying about imaginary thug friend T-Bone

Progressives of pallor alert! Soledad O’Brien’s CNN show nixed due to being ‘too ethnic’?; Update: Where is lib outrage?

Beautiful: Ace reams Roland Martin, ‘pale heroes’ at CNN for silence on ‘too ethnic’ cleansing of Soledad O’Brien

Unbearable whiteness of being: Ace of Spades slams Aaron Sorkin, other progressives of pallor

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‘Said he was God’: Man rams dump truck into Baltimore news station [live tweets, pics]; Update: Suspect in custody!/theallergymama/status/466260069680967680

Baltimore-area news station WMAR has been evacuated after a man — possibly armed — rammed a dump truck into the building multiple times.!/stevechenevey/status/466260194775687168!/News4SA/status/466257033399140352!/KLOVEnews/status/466260436623446016!/fox12oregon/status/466263608976887808

WMAR reporter Brian Kuebler tweeted live from the scene:!/BrianfromABC2/status/466255868900544512

As did station meteorologist Mike Masco:!/MascoFromABC2/status/466245810859294720!/MascoFromABC2/status/466247699139145728!/MascoFromABC2/status/466260908172648448

Nearby schools are reportedly on lockdown.

Fortunately, all WMAR employees appear to be safe:!/MascoFromABC2/status/466254363892396032

We will continue to monitor this story and update with further developments.





More, via @ABC2News (WMAR):!/LamontfromABC2/status/466295953104707584!/WyattEverhart/status/466297389436129280!/Knightfromabc2/status/466300646690279424!/ABC2NEWS/status/466301549157683201!/ABC2NEWS/status/466304926118072320!/ABC2NEWS/status/466307523524698112!/chrisfromabc2/status/466311598726840320



WMAR reporter Christian Schaffer posted a Vine video of the truck hitting the building:!/chrisfromabc2/status/466314924856455169

The suspect is reportedly in custody:!/CharlieKayeCBS/status/466317928036827139


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