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Twitter users disgusted at #HotCarDeath hearing; ‘sexting’ details revealed

A toddler’s tragic death in Georgia last week is now a social media phenomenon. Cobb County, Georgia father Justin Ross Harris faced a hearing today for murder after his 22-month-old son Cooper son died in Harris’s car.

Cooper died after being left in the car for more than seven hours while Harris was at work. Harris claims he simply forgot his child was in the back seat.

During the hearing, Cobb County police Detective Phil Stoddard said when Harris stopped in a shopping center on his way to a movie at 5 p.m., he pulled over and took Copper out of the car. Stoddard said Cooper was dead when his father pulled him from the backseat.

Stoddard said witnesses heard Harris tell someone by telephone that Cooper was dead. Harris told detectives he never reached anyone.

Autopsy results showed the boy, Cooper Harris, died of hyperthermia, and that the investigation “suggests the manner of death is homicide,” the Cobb County Police Department said.

Dozens of reporters were on scene tweeting from the hearing.

Viewers were horrified at details revealed at the probable cause hearing:

Prayers for little Cooper. May justice be served.

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Verdicts reached in trial of former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen!/PostRoz/status/507595498564227072

Brief background on the corruption trial of the former Republican governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, and his wife Maureen:

Bob and Maureen McDonnell are charged in a 14-count federal indictment with accepting more than $165,000 in gifts, trips and loan from Jonnie Williams, former CEO of dietary supplements maker Star Scientific Inc., in exchange for special favors.

The seven-man, five-woman jury heard from dozens of witnesses and reviewed a mountain of exhibits over the past five weeks.

The verdicts have been reached:!/PostRoz/status/507604822866927616!/NBCKatie/status/507614683885359104

Sentencing is scheduled for early January:!/kathrynw5/status/507607308617007104

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to include an additional tweet.

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‘Armed and dangerous’: Have you seen this San Fran man wanted by FBI? [photos]!/CDeBenedetti/status/473206269411479555

This is Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II. He’s wanted by the FBI in connection with a Bay Area raid that uncovered a cache of explosives this weekend.!/MikePeltonKRON4/status/473165216872529920!/JohnSasaki1/status/472834878338523136!/JohnSasaki1/status/472806111398346752!/katieutehs/status/472968236573937664

Who is this guy?!/pspoole/status/473476767403884544!/SFGate/status/473301787269529600

Keep your eyes peeled.!/DavidBegnaud/status/473210305263058945

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Progs of pallor alert! CNN ‘milks’ Megyn Kelly white Jesus, Santa kerfuffle!/HipHopSince1986/status/411660457968037888

Oh yes. Over and over.

As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly explained her Santa and Jesus “are white” comments. But CNN will not let it go. Obsessed much?!/jbouie/status/411577262933544960!/chrisgeidner/status/411580278801321984

Oooh, edgy! Sigh.!/amandaaapleease/status/412254862664290304!/itsRennishaa_/status/411895640784764928

It is still being discussed on CNN.!/dhk175/status/412212089713741824


How long will it continue?!/GaltsGirl/status/412274465158885376


A suggestion for CNN:!/moxiemom/status/412274687205310464

Boom. Another progressives of pallor alert!

Here’s another idea:!/redsteeze/status/412275713950355456


But, another controversy will surely arise:!/JohnEkdahl/status/412092013782523904

Stay tuned!


‘Lost on the humorless’: Megyn Kelly defends ‘Santa just is white’ comment 

Stick a fork in him: Cory Booker gets busted for lying about imaginary thug friend T-Bone

Progressives of pallor alert! Soledad O’Brien’s CNN show nixed due to being ‘too ethnic’?; Update: Where is lib outrage?

Beautiful: Ace reams Roland Martin, ‘pale heroes’ at CNN for silence on ‘too ethnic’ cleansing of Soledad O’Brien

Unbearable whiteness of being: Ace of Spades slams Aaron Sorkin, other progressives of pallor

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‘Said he was God’: Man rams dump truck into Baltimore news station [live tweets, pics]; Update: Suspect in custody!/theallergymama/status/466260069680967680

Baltimore-area news station WMAR has been evacuated after a man — possibly armed — rammed a dump truck into the building multiple times.!/stevechenevey/status/466260194775687168!/News4SA/status/466257033399140352!/KLOVEnews/status/466260436623446016!/fox12oregon/status/466263608976887808

WMAR reporter Brian Kuebler tweeted live from the scene:!/BrianfromABC2/status/466255868900544512

As did station meteorologist Mike Masco:!/MascoFromABC2/status/466245810859294720!/MascoFromABC2/status/466247699139145728!/MascoFromABC2/status/466260908172648448

Nearby schools are reportedly on lockdown.

Fortunately, all WMAR employees appear to be safe:!/MascoFromABC2/status/466254363892396032

We will continue to monitor this story and update with further developments.





More, via @ABC2News (WMAR):!/LamontfromABC2/status/466295953104707584!/WyattEverhart/status/466297389436129280!/Knightfromabc2/status/466300646690279424!/ABC2NEWS/status/466301549157683201!/ABC2NEWS/status/466304926118072320!/ABC2NEWS/status/466307523524698112!/chrisfromabc2/status/466311598726840320



WMAR reporter Christian Schaffer posted a Vine video of the truck hitting the building:!/chrisfromabc2/status/466314924856455169

The suspect is reportedly in custody:!/CharlieKayeCBS/status/466317928036827139


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