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‘Claustrophobia’? Some kids really don’t like Santa [adorable pics]!/SeanTrende/status/411890114621480960

Kids don’t care if Santa is black, white or fuchsia. They care that he’s terrifying.!/953FreshFM/status/414486081858322432!/beaugreen/status/414044853245186048!/Witcombe1981/status/413393640967655424!/taylorkirksey/status/413295996194783232!/maaria726/status/412745663269830657!/tiffy_Kiara/status/414812045482024962!/the_alexander/status/414809337144414208!/brandy_lynn22/status/414163742923186177!/SteveTRC/status/414517684588384257!/JonCMunson/status/414130438785884160

Why not embrace the horror with a little family unity?!/CJAY92/status/412638508172316672

But seriously, tell us what you really think of mom and dad sticking you in Santa’s lap.!/awkward_family_/status/413092256283758593

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Progs of pallor alert! CNN ‘milks’ Megyn Kelly white Jesus, Santa kerfuffle!/HipHopSince1986/status/411660457968037888

Oh yes. Over and over.

As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly explained her Santa and Jesus “are white” comments. But CNN will not let it go. Obsessed much?!/jbouie/status/411577262933544960!/chrisgeidner/status/411580278801321984

Oooh, edgy! Sigh.!/amandaaapleease/status/412254862664290304!/itsRennishaa_/status/411895640784764928

It is still being discussed on CNN.!/dhk175/status/412212089713741824


How long will it continue?!/GaltsGirl/status/412274465158885376


A suggestion for CNN:!/moxiemom/status/412274687205310464

Boom. Another progressives of pallor alert!

Here’s another idea:!/redsteeze/status/412275713950355456


But, another controversy will surely arise:!/JohnEkdahl/status/412092013782523904

Stay tuned!


‘Lost on the humorless’: Megyn Kelly defends ‘Santa just is white’ comment 

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Progressives of pallor alert! Soledad O’Brien’s CNN show nixed due to being ‘too ethnic’?; Update: Where is lib outrage?

Beautiful: Ace reams Roland Martin, ‘pale heroes’ at CNN for silence on ‘too ethnic’ cleansing of Soledad O’Brien

Unbearable whiteness of being: Ace of Spades slams Aaron Sorkin, other progressives of pallor

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