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Undercover Lyft with Chance the Rapper

– How you doin’ man? – Hey how you doing man? What’s good? – I’m Good – What’s your name? What’s your name? – I’m Randal. – Nice to meet you Randal. Lets get it. – Whoa – Whoa what? – Do you know who you are? (upbeat music) – Hi I’m Chance the Rapper. Today we’re here with Chicago public schools and the SocialWorks charity, and this is Undercover Lyft. – What’s your name? – Dezi. – Dezi, I’m John. Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you Chris. – Ashanti – Miss Ashanti. Well I am John. I will be your driver today. – How you feeling today? – I’m feeling great.

– Where you from Chris? – Chicago, Illinois. Born and raised. You? – Yes sir. Same place – I never use GPS. They say, “Never leave things up to chance.” I say, “Always leave things up to chance. You know?” (passenger laughs) – I love my riders. I just don’t like when when they spill fries on the seat. – Ohhh. Well yeah that makes sense. – Sometimes people will lie on the seat, you know what I mean, fart on the seat – Oh no! – Can you remind me? Were you going to 79th? – Who me? Uh uh. – 65th and Ingleside? – I always had a dream to get into music or poetry or something like that. I never performed in front of anybody before. Is it cool if I hit a note for you really quick? – Yeah! Do it Do! – Alright My name is John. I’m from Chicago. Yo it’s uhhh eh. – You got this. I’m excited. – What? You sing and you rap as well as do those beats? – I do a little singing.

I do rap. I make the beats too. I’m a fly on the wall. I gots to buy on the (mumbles). – Mhmmm – You know one of the things I like about the Lyft thing is I got the Round Up and Donate. I’m trying to get more involved in the city. You know? Do my little piece of activism when I can. You know? – Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Every little bit helps. That’s what I think. – I went to CPS school, went to public school so I could give money back to the kids. – Mhmm. – SocialWorks is such a good thing and I think that all those kind of, you know, especially just specifically Chicago things man. They’re important. – I’m only 25 but I bet I get a statue in my hometown when I die. – Okay. What would the statue be for? – For this driving.

I’m doing my damn thing. You know what I’m saying? I need something. (Dezi laughs) I need something for this. Watch out man! You don’t want zero problems big fella. What kind of music do you listen to? You don’t listen to no hip hop do you? – Well yeah, definitely. – What I’m not that old. Well I know when I start sayin Tupac you’re like, “Way old”. – Tupac? No, that’s the classic right there. – I like Kanye, Chance the Rapper.

– I love Chance the Rapper. Kanye. Chance. – Chance the Rapper. – Yes – Oh! Kendrick. Also one of my favorites, obviously – Kendrick is really good. Is he better than Chance though? That’s the real question. – It’s cool that like his mom is supportive and he married the love of his life. – I bet Chance has a good mom. He’s probably getting married too. – Yeah. I think Chance either is engaged or like maybe been with the… I don’t know. I’ve seen photos. – I’m not a superfan but I know he’s got a good looking woman. I think he ’bout to get married to her. You like Chance? – You know? I was just about to say him. – Yeah I was just at his uh, he did a show over in Northerly Island for the Special Olympics. – I would definitely go see him live if I got a chance. Chance. Get it? – Yeah (laughs) If I got a Chance. – Yeah. I got you. (bright pop music) – You ever met Chance the Rapper? – No.

– You could meet him. – Get outta here! – That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m talking about. – Holy (beep) (laughter) – I got you! (“Work Out” by Chance the rapper) – I just met Chance the Rapper. I’m kinda (beep) up right now. (laughs) – This is the coolest thing I’ve ever been part of. This is so cool. – We got him. Thank you for using round up and donate. I hope you throw a little bit of that to the new Chance Fund. – Oh well definitely. – You can help Chicago public schools through the new Chance Fund.

Go to the link in this video and click the opt-in to the round up and donate feature right in the Lyft app. – You know who I like a lot? I like Chance the Rapper. – Oh yeah yeah yeah. – That’s a rapper. – He’s always giving and always thinking and just like very, at the grassroots level. – I agree. – He’s not the only one and I’m a let you go. But you know a lot of the folks have done stuff that… – Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on – Oh okay. – ‘Cause I love Chance and uh– – You kind of look a little bit when you.. – Do I look a little bit like him? – Once you start taking your… – I am Chance the Rapper. I’m Chance the Rapper and um– – No you’re not – And I am here to thank you, personally.

– No, What is going on? – (voice off screen) It’s Chance the Rapper. – Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! – Now she believes me. – Oh Brother. Oh my god. You do beautiful things my brother. Yes! (Workout by Chance the Rapper) .

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