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These People Are Having Really Bad Days. Oh, Boy… I Thought Mine Was Bad.

If you’re having a bad day, there’s little you can do to fix it. If the terrible time you’re having isn’t as awful as what you see below, though, perhaps it’s time to stop complaining. After all, you weren’t just rammed by a particularly fierce sheep.

These people are having such bad days, they have seemingly gone out of their way to make your day seem like a total success by comparison. Really, they’re that bad.

1.) Oh, public transportation.

2.) Beware of sheep.

3.) GeronimOUCH.

4.) Coma me bro.

5.) When you see it…

6.) Is that a water balloon or a watermelon?

7.) Now THAT hurts.

8.) Faster than taking the elevator.

9.) This why you don’t flirt and drive.

10.) I hope they at least got their souvenir photo for free.

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This Man Tried To Slap A Possum. I Knew It Would End Badly, But OMG… He Got Owned.

When Antonio Rodrigues Mororó discovered that there was a possum in his Brazil home, he did what any of us would do, ask no one for help and slap the dang thing. As people who have gone after a wild animal with an open hand before know, using that technique to attack a living creature that has teeth, claws, and no fear of going to prison is probably not going to work out well for you. Even if it is a possum–or what you thought was one. Take a look at what this guy went through.

Here’s a possum.


Here’s a porcupine.


Here’s what happens when you mistake a porcupine for a possum.




What a hand looks like after having over 400 quills removed from it.


(H/T Metro) If he’s lucky, his skull isn’t the only thing that’s numb. You can share this post using the button below.

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