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These People Are Having Really Bad Days. Oh, Boy… I Thought Mine Was Bad.

If you’re having a bad day, there’s little you can do to fix it. If the terrible time you’re having isn’t as awful as what you see below, though, perhaps it’s time to stop complaining. After all, you weren’t just rammed by a particularly fierce sheep.

These people are having such bad days, they have seemingly gone out of their way to make your day seem like a total success by comparison. Really, they’re that bad.

1.) Oh, public transportation.

2.) Beware of sheep.

3.) GeronimOUCH.

4.) Coma me bro.

5.) When you see it…

6.) Is that a water balloon or a watermelon?

7.) Now THAT hurts.

8.) Faster than taking the elevator.

9.) This why you don’t flirt and drive.

10.) I hope they at least got their souvenir photo for free.

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Nothing To See Here…Just An 18-Foot Python Trying To Cross The Road

Have we as a society ever definitively concluded why the chicken chose to cross the road? I believe the reason why was to get to the other side. I know that’s a controversial stance on the matter, which is why I’m going to distract you with another question: Why did the 18-foot python cross the road?

That’s the question South African motorists are asking themselves after witnessing a giant python cross a highway in the country’s Kruger National Park. Dash cam footage shows the massive snake slithering out into the middle of the road before disappearing into a giant pothole.

Luckily, drivers were good sports about the massive snake and let it get where it was going before continuing on their way.

(via The Daily Mail)

So there you have it. The python crossed the road to get to the giant pothole right in the middle. Maybe chickens and pythons have more in common than we thought.

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This Is What Summer Looks Like In Australia…NOPE!

Summer is pretty much upon us over here in North America, but as beautiful weather begins to grace our shores, it leaves behind the wonderful lands on the other side of the world. While there are plenty of people who will be sad to see summer leave, there are likely just as many who are excited to watch it go — specifically those folks in Australia.

You see, summer in the land Down Under isn’t just hot as Hell. Oh no. It is the kind of weather that tends to bring out the worst of the creepy-crawly bugs and the slew of other horrible creatures that call Australia home. Take, for example, this giant pile of nope that was found in the backyard of Redditor Devilheart.

You might not be able to pick it out in this pictures since it does have disturbingly good camouflage.

Oh wait, there it is! And what is it, exactly? Well, from what we can tell, this is a massive golden silk orb-weaver spider.

They are known to bite, but only if provoked. Typically, this species tries to have as little interaction with humans as possible.

Luckily for Devilheart, the golden orb-weaver’s venom is not deadly to humans. The pain associated with its bite, however, is not pleasant.

(source: Reddit)

I’d like to think that not long after those pictures were taken, Devilheart grabbed some body spray and a lighter and went to town by destroying this horrible creature. Then again, that might just be wishful thinking on my part.

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