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Huge: ‘Kelly File’ outdraws CNN’s Democratic Town Hall

Donald Trump fans quickly organizeda #BoycottKellyFile movement following the first Republican debate,but as Politico’sAlex Weprin reports today, Megyn Kelly doesn’t seem to be hurting for viewers.

Initial ratings show that last night’s “Kelly File” managed to outdraw CNN’s live Democratic Town Hall special, featuring moderator Anderson Cooper and the two remaining Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, between 9 and 10 p.m.

Oh, and one other caveat that suggests either a disinterest in the race or early-onset voter fatigue

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Progs of pallor alert! CNN ‘milks’ Megyn Kelly white Jesus, Santa kerfuffle!/HipHopSince1986/status/411660457968037888

Oh yes. Over and over.

As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly explained her Santa and Jesus “are white” comments. But CNN will not let it go. Obsessed much?!/jbouie/status/411577262933544960!/chrisgeidner/status/411580278801321984

Oooh, edgy! Sigh.!/amandaaapleease/status/412254862664290304!/itsRennishaa_/status/411895640784764928

It is still being discussed on CNN.!/dhk175/status/412212089713741824


How long will it continue?!/GaltsGirl/status/412274465158885376


A suggestion for CNN:!/moxiemom/status/412274687205310464

Boom. Another progressives of pallor alert!

Here’s another idea:!/redsteeze/status/412275713950355456


But, another controversy will surely arise:!/JohnEkdahl/status/412092013782523904

Stay tuned!


‘Lost on the humorless’: Megyn Kelly defends ‘Santa just is white’ comment 

Stick a fork in him: Cory Booker gets busted for lying about imaginary thug friend T-Bone

Progressives of pallor alert! Soledad O’Brien’s CNN show nixed due to being ‘too ethnic’?; Update: Where is lib outrage?

Beautiful: Ace reams Roland Martin, ‘pale heroes’ at CNN for silence on ‘too ethnic’ cleansing of Soledad O’Brien

Unbearable whiteness of being: Ace of Spades slams Aaron Sorkin, other progressives of pallor

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Megyn Kelly wishes best of luck to ‘fun competitor’ Piers Morgan!/ChuckieTwoGlove/status/449728287875403777

Tonight was the final “Piers Morgan Live” on CNN, and it would be a shame not revisit Piers Morgan’s August challenge to newcomer Megyn Kelly.!/piersmorgan/status/365506176709967872

Kelly did indeed bring it, but she also brought with her a classy sign-off for Ol’ Musket.!/piersmorgan/status/449568902595751936

Morgan’s important something was, not surprisingly, a final call for gun control.!/YouTubeVevoHD/status/449755231006785536!/piersmorgan/status/449727741471232000


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Viewers adore Megyn Kelly, not so sure about Friday’s dress!/ZacharyGrant5/status/452252917874315264

If you’re Megyn Kelly or her stylist, you should probably stop reading now. The rest of you, well, you might feel better if you talk about tonight’s wardrobe selection on “The Kelly File” and get it off of your chests.


Interesting in what way?!/gurutothemoores/status/452250995855089664!/twowise660/status/452252548343160832!/gessgirl/status/452253169309851648!/bigBucksCo/status/452253202847920128!/MiBolton6886/status/452256231949099008!/DaveNessJr/status/452259335851106304!/urokiamok/status/452263870959058945!/bonecrusher81/status/452265415687696384!/foodie_lv/status/452265908354818048!/1catherinesiena/status/452266661438320640!/EileenReilly13/status/452270139870703618!/eameameam/status/452286129572569088!/respy1985/status/452298123553959936

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