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Give Umbrellas to Hundreds of People with Good Timing and Here’s What Happens.

OK Go, the alt rock band hailing from Chicago who became famous for their visually stunning videos, has wowed the world again. Just like the treadmill-dancing “Here It Goes Again” music video and their optical illusion-laden “The Writing’s on the Wall,” their new release is a showstopper. The video for “I Won’t Let You Down” involved lots of people, umbrellas and good timing. Keeping up their reputation for tight choreography and crazy, large-scale sets, this video features a huge cast of umbrella-wielding backup dancers and aerial shots. It also features the Honda UNI-CUB, described as a “personal mobility device” that operates basically like a scooter without handlebars. 

We’re not sure how well the UNI-CUB will catch on, but it works great in the video.

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This Girl Learned All Of Her Incredible Dance Moves From YouTube Whoa!

Believe it or not, but every 60 seconds, more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube.

They’re uplifting, sad, inspirational, and hilarious…all on one website!

But one thing they have in common? They all have the power to teach us something.

When 12-year-old Adilyn Malcolm was researching for a school project, she came across some cool dance videos. What started as a simple curiosity turned into a passion for perfection. She learned how to perform prodigious dubstep dance routines after hours of watching YouTube videos on the topic.

She’s seriously amazing!

Holy smokes! I think I’m going to start watching more YouTube videos. Well, even more than I already do now. Watch out, world, I’m going to be the next dubstep dance master.

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Dancing Sanders supporter feeling the Bern is ‘amazeballs’

Remember the outrage in September when candidate Donald Trumpdidn’t correct a rally attendee whoclaimed that President Obama was a Muslim? Trump, as always, resisted explaining or apologizing,instead tweeting:

By the media’s standard, we’d like to know if Bernie Sanders would care to defendthis dance performed at his rally or if he remained silent. And isn’t Lena Dunham stumping for Hillary?

The dancer is one thing, but we’re more curious about the woman who seems to be wearing large sunglasses indoors along with asurgical mask. A spy from Hillary’s camp?

We’re feeling something, and it’s uncomfortable and a little frightening.

But what about that other woman? Lady Gaga?

One thing’s for sure: to his supporters, #BernieIsBae.

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