“TWO-PACK” One Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder (10-12) and One Cocoa Butter – Special for baking – 100% Venezuelan Fine Cocoa 227g (8 oz)


Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder is Ideal For: Syrups Baking – usually recipes that only asks for Baking Powder (but NO Baking Soda) will require Alkalized Cocoa Powder. Beverages (hot or cold) Beer Brewing Mixing your own chocolate couverture or compound Fudges Sauces Energy bars Ice Cream. 100% Venezuelan Fine Cocoa. Natural non-deodorized Venezuelan Cocoa Butter is a high-quality selected blend of Venezuelan cacaos with a high content of Criollo cacaos. It is a great substitute for butter and any oil, you can use it when roasting, frying or grilling Cocoa Butter can resist high temperatures without burning (until 200 °C). Also, you need fewer quantities when cooking which results in healthier dishes which makes Ideal For: Bean-to-bar chocolate makers. – Cooking – Chocolate mousses. – Soap & Candle Making. – Skin products (hair and skin moisturizer, stretch marks, lip balms).

  • SPECIAL FOR BAKING; No mixtures or preservatives, content Potassium Carbonate (natural mineral sources) as acidity corrector, Dairy-free, Fiber-rich, Iron-rich, Gluten-free, Nut-free, Soy-free, Sugar-free, Wheat-free.
  • Special for all those who want to eat healthily or those people who are under diets PALEO, VEGAN, GF.
  • HIGH MAGNESIUM CONTENT; Magnesium nourishes our nervous system and our musculature.
  • HIGH IRON CONTENT; The Iron prevents anemia, promotes high energy levels and helps to have positive moods because it makes oxygen reach all cells and helps the body digest proteins and absorb nutrients from food.
  • HIGH AND NATURAL SOURCE OF ANTIOXIDANTS; Thanks to its high content of flavonoids the cacao is an important source of antioxidants. See www.kakow.ca for more info.