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This Family’s Dog Is Blind. And I Don’t Think Anyone Expected THIS From Their New Puppy.

This is a story of love and companionship that should melt your heart into pieces. Meet KC. She is a flat-coated retriever that was born with both eyes, but lost one when she was 2 years-old. There was a 5% chance of her other eye surviving, so her family decided to do something that ended up being the best decision they have ever made. They adopted a best friend for KC named Shadow. The rest is history.

In the beginning, they weren’t the best of friends.


That changed pretty quickly.

Soon they were sharing beds.

And couches.

No matter what KC did, Shadow was there, too.

They were literally inseparable.

Hanging out in the hot tub…


Eventually, KC lost her second eye.

It didn’t bother her or Shadow, though.

She eventually got back into her favorite activity: retrieving.

Then, Shadow became pretty busy as a show dog.

Even with their busy schedules, they had times for naps together.


…and lots of naps.

Sometimes its hard to tell the two apart.

They even have the same body language.

Shadow helps KC live a full life…

And now she is bringing life into the world with a litter of puppies!

Source: Reddit This photo story of two canine best friends reminds us that dogs are wonderful creatures with personalities and feelings. Being able to witness such a wonderful doggie friendship is a wonderful blessing. Share KC and Shadow’s story with others and brighten their day.

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