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As flags burn, Goldie Taylor recognizes ‘gladiators on the streets of STL’!/goldietaylor/status/520384027006484481

As Twitchy has reported, demonstrators in south St. Louis have spent the night so far blocking traffic, banging on cars trying to get through, shattering an apartment window, trying to steal a reporter’s iPhone, and burning several American flags. Are these the “real gladiators” writer and MSNBC/CNN contributor had in mind when she urged her followers to remember them?

@goldietaylor @ScandalABC yes god bless those hard working officers on the streets of STL

— brotherskeeper (@max4ducker) October 10, 2014

God bless everyone involved, troll. #Scram @max4ducker

— Goldie Taylor (@goldietaylor) October 10, 2014

@goldietaylor @pvc122266 @ScandalABC Gladiators don't loot liquor stores

— Call me the Breeze (@Rem870P) October 10, 2014

They also don't troll from anonymous accounts, coward. @Rem870P @pvc122266

— Goldie Taylor (@goldietaylor) October 10, 2014

@goldietaylor @kittyFitz50 @ScandalABC Real dedicated protestors don't take time off for some crappy fictional commercial TV program.

— Lenny Todd (@velosterpilot) October 10, 2014

Or troll hashtags, spoiling for a fight. You ain't ready, son. @velosterpilot @kittyFitz50 @ScandalABC

— Goldie Taylor (@goldietaylor) October 10, 2014

We’ve identified the trolls and cowards here, but we’re still not sure who the gladiator is. Probably the guy who put the reporter and mother of two in a headlock to steal her iPhone? That sounds pretty badass.

@goldietaylor Gladiator: (in ancient Rome) a man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena. #Notsomuch

— THACK1 (@DCTODDONE) October 10, 2014


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