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Everything You Thought You Knew About Paris Is Wrong. It Used To Be Downright CREEPY.

Paris, France, is one of the most famous major cities in the world. It is full of history, beautiful architecture and culture. So many artists, writers and musicians have spent time in Paris over the years. The city on the Seine River has over 12 million inhabitants and tourists from all over the world flock to it… But most people don’t realize it used to be kind of a freak show. Paris has a je ne sais quoi about it, but that’s most likely because of its past. Paris in the 1800s had a wild nightlife, a popular red light district and was basically the place you went to party (among other things, of course).

“The Cabaret de l’Enfer” (The Cabaret of Hell), next to the “Cabaret du Ciel” (The Cabaret of Heaven).

The inside of the hellish cabaret didn’t disappoint.

You would have to be brave to enter this club at night.

Crevices in the walls of this room ran with streams of molten gold and silver, and here and there were caverns lit up by smouldering fires from which thick smoke issued, and vapors emitting the odors of a volcano.

Flames would suddenly burst from clefts in the rocks, and thunder rolled through the caverns. Red imps were everywhere, darting about noiselessly, some carrying beverages for the thirsty lost souls, others stirring the fires or turning somersaults. Everything was in a high state of motion.

During this time period, these kinds of clubs were highly popular.

It was a mixture of drinking, cabaret, magic and fun unlike you’ve seen before.

And it makes modern-day clubs seem a little boring.

(H/T Reddit) The City of Light was a lot weirder than you probably thought. After all, when you think of Paris, you should think of la fée verte, absinthe. The highly intoxicating drink was a favorite among artistic Parisians… and now you know, they could get a little wild. Share this unique historic perspective with others. I bet they didn’t know this, either.

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