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Even Piers Morgan ‘bored with Edward Snowden’s whining now’!/piersmorgan/status/351840792161161219

Could you go any lower than having Geraldo Rivera call you “a sniveling punk ass traitor“? Surprisingly, yes. You know you have an image problem when even Piers Morgan is comfortable calling you egotistical and accusing you of whining. Edward Snowden’s public statement on his search for political asylum, issued this afternoon via Wikileaks, has proved to be the breaking point for those growing weary of NSA leaker Snowden and his refusal to face the music.!/piersmorgan/status/351842041526878209

Even President Obama publicly wrote off Snowden as nothing more than “a 29-year-old hacker.” And speaking of hacks and their hacking …!/MarcLawless29/status/351844942332702720!/Popehat/status/351846819002720257!/forbes41/status/351848086307471360!/ElissaRoberson/status/351846776820613120!/craigaberdeen/status/351845089179471873

So far, the Obama administration’s efforts to have Snowden extradited have been about as successful as America’s effort to deport Morgan. Time for a swap?!/vijayprashad/status/351851098824376320

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