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Her Parents Wouldn’t Let Her Get A Pony, So She Turned To The Family Cow

At one time or another, most little girls wish for a pony, and most of their parents say no. When Hannah Simpson’s parents said she couldn’t have a pony six years ago, she decided to start riding the next best thing — the family cow!

Today, 18-year-old Hannah is literally a cowgirl. She and her lovable bovine, Lilac, have been riding around the countryside and having adventures for the past six years. While most cows wouldn’t let a human ride them, Lilac loves it! Don’t believe me? Thanks to Hannah’s Instagram, you can see for yourself.

Hannah says that she didn’t know what to expect when she jumped on Lilac’s back for the first time. To the family’s surprise, the cow was more than happy to take her for a ride.

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Over the years, their bond grew and their adventures became more and more epic.

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