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BodyHealth PerfectAmino Complete Power Meal Replacement Shake (Dark Chocolate, Pouch, 20 Servings), Organic Protein Powder Drink w/MCT Oil, Probiotics, Vegan, High Nutrition, for Weight Loss Diet

BUILT FROM THE BEST INGREDIENTS 👉 Doctor formulated! This is a complete vegan formula, packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your body full and alert during the day.

PERFECT AMINO PROTEIN 👉 99% utilized to help you maintain lean muscle, repairs cells and encourages cell growth

NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER 👉 Boosts your energy and metabolism naturally with no caffeine needed. Can be used pre workout or post workout. High quality macro-nutrients and micro-ingredients.

SUPPRESSES APPETITE 👉 Contains ingredients that curb hunger cravings and won’t leave you hungry

TASTES GREAT 👉 Even though this is not a Wendy’s Frosty or milk shake, it is still delicious, rich and creamy (and NOT chalky). Makes it easy for you to stick on your diet.

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