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This Security Footage Caught A Ghost Trying To Steal A Woman’s Lunch

Even the toughest cafeteria bullies have nothing on this hungry ghost.

At a restaurant in Luton, England, called Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar, everything appeared to be normal…until a woman stopped paying attention to her food, that is.

When she walked away, something shoved her lunch off the table. You’ll never leave your food unattended again after you check this video out.

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

As the folks at Unexplained Mysteries point out, the only hoaxy thing about this video is that the table in question sits awkwardly at the bottom of the screen, where you conveniently can’t see much of what’s going on around it.

Would you have asked for a new meal after this? I know I would have taken mine to go!

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